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Ricks Apprentice
Triple Cheese
Growing it
These plants grew themselves really I'm real sorry but I didn't really get many pics of the take down n all that as I've been so busy packing up for my move I was doing it all in-between it's been hectic lool!!! Anyway I've put a few up of the pile hung for 7 days n been cursing for just over a week now!!! The buds are rock solid n I mean rock solid, stink to high heaven and sticky as hell, even tho these were triple cheese I think the blue side came through alot which is great really!! The weight I got from these 4 girls at 60 days roughly is 482 grams!!!! I'm over the moon with that as none of it is pop corn due to the training!!! I'm Gona give it a couple more weeks cureing but the bits I've sampled are fantastic lovely taste smell n high it's hard to get in in the blunt due to the stickyness had to scrape it from my fingers lol anyway guy that's it for a while n I'm sure once I get settled I'll be doing some more diary's with you guys I love it here being able to share with everyone, take care guys thanks for watching n I'll see you soon!!! Peace
9 months ago