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LifeSaver is a strong indica cross between JCB (Jacks Cleaner, Blueberry) and ย BOGBubble. The strain has great medical value as a medicine for different pains.ย 

This mostly indica plant contains 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics and has a high THC content of 22-25%.

The strain grows well both outdoors and indoors even in small spaces. It produces big delicious yields in 45-50 days of flowering.

The smoke brings deep relaxation and a potent long lasting effect. The variety has high medical properties and used as a remedy for pains and insomnia.

The taste and aroma has sweet, fruity notes with hints of candies.ย 




Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics JCB x BOGBubble
Harvest Huge
Flowering 8 weeks

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