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The Gorrila Glue #4 strain is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch. Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pungent earthy sweet and sour aromas inherited from its parent strains. Combining Gorrila Glue #4with Lilly. We introduced Lilly landrace genetics from the Congo a pure fast flowering sativa. The result is a beauty with enormous sticky solid chunky buds flooding your nostrils with an Unbelievable intense aroma, the delicious sweet fruity flavors will impress veteran tokers.


Gender Feminised
Genes 80% indica / 20% sativa
Genetics Gorrila Glue #4 × Lilly
Harvest 400-500 g/m2
Flowering 8-9 weeks

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