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A big yet compact Sativa-leaning hybrid with a potent effect that will leave you wanting more; Our Cinderella Auto has been bred to grow with a very high bud-to-leaf ratio, meaning that your plant will develop lots of buds and a few leaves, making it easier to trim and yielding more. This variety can yield up to 550gr/m2 thanks to the multiple side branches that can grow as long as the main cola, and despite the 120cm height, this variety still remains compact. The perfect strain for Sativa lovers with a limited grow space, you can expect a strong Sativa effect that will give you a joyful upbeat high, a motivated state of mind, and an overall feel-good vibe that comes along with a delicious fruity terpene profile of sweet peaches and ripe pineapple.

Grow Tips
This variety doesn’t need much maintenance but make sure you feed your plants properly to ensure the buds grow thick and big. Due to the size of the buds and the number of flowering sites, it’s recommended you provide support during the last weeks of flowering to make sure the side branches can withstand the weight and don’t end up snapping. We recommend flushing thoroughly to enhance the terpene profile even more and make the delicious smells stand out even more.
Cinderella AutoCinderella AutoCinderella AutoCinderella AutoCinderella AutoCinderella Auto
Gender Feminised
Genes 35% Indica / 65% Sativa
Genetics Cinderella Auto
Harvest 450 - 550 g/m²
Flowering 30 - 35 days
THC 23.0%
CBD 1.0%
Vegetation 30 - 35 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year2021


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Avg. Dry Weight
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Harvest Weight

Tastes & Effects

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JohnnyBlaze GrandMaster
Cinderella Auto
Growing it
Hello everyone today finally making this final review of this Cinderella Auto test grow from Fastbuds and man this strain another banger!!
Bud appearance is slightly more on the indica side with fat and dense nugs covered in a thick layer of extremely sticky resin !!
The aromas when opening the jar is incredible with strong tropical and skunky notes with some pine undertones!

When smokin she has mostly tropical and pine taste with a strong sweetness to it!!
Truly enjoying this strain now with the summer heat and fruity drinks!!
The effects of this strain are very balanced with a euphoric and happy feeling at the beginning then slowly starting to stone you with strong relax feelings that are just what i look for most of the times!
Very interesting strain again great job from the Fastbuds team doing an excellent breeding job!!
2 months ago
DaddyPrime Master
Cinderella Auto
Growing it
Buds are long and thin but they have decent density. Theyve had a super strong fruity, tropical, mango, citrusy smell.
4/12 plants dried in about 7 days
5 months ago

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Anyone know what name they came out with?