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Chronical is one of the few strains that combines good yield, high quality and an exquisite flavor. It has an extensive therapeutic use due to its organoleptic properties that stimulate appetite and fight stress and anxiety. Chronical has a powerful long lasting physical and cerebral effect. Consuming this cannabis strain is the best way to end the day.

Its flavor is soft and very sweet, with citrus and woody notes. Three weeks of curing after drying will reveal its exquisite aromas.

This strain comes from the crossing between Chronic and our male Early Skunk. It is a hybrid which offspring are three of the best strains that currently exist on the market: the powerful Ak, the incredible Skunk and the classic Northern Kush. The result is a strain with a perfect indica/sativa balance and an exceptional quality and production.


Gender Feminised
Genes 70% indica / 30% sativa
Harvest 500-550 gr/m2
Flowering 9-10 weeks

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