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Auto Somango is a very powerful and pleasant strain that provokes a long-lasting effect, which is psychoactive and stimulating at first and becomes more narcotic later. This cannabis strain is ideal for everyday consumption with friends.

The most important characteristic of Auto Somango is its exquisite flavor that it retains from its feminized version. This flavor is fruity and sweet with mango and strawberry notes. This strain outstands for its flavor and aroma, since only a few autoflowering varieties are so tasty and refined nowadays.

This hybrid results from the cross between our strain Somango and a Lowryder, from which we obtain a medium-sized, branched and with good performance plant. It produces dense strong resinous buds. This cannabis strain has a considerable production to be an autoflowering version, since its branches loaded with buds contribute to the increment of the harvest.

This strain is very easy to cultivate and does not require any special attention. You will get excellent results both indoors and outdoors. This strain loves the warm Mediterranean climates, where we can get the best of it.


Gender Feminised
Genes 55% indica
Genetics Somango x Lowryder
Harvest 50-90 gr/plant
Flowering 11-12 weeks

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