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Such famous genetics as Northern Light, Skunk,  Northern Light, AK47 were crossed to create the Serious Seeds Chronic that was improved in 2000. 

The plant produces a great yields of top quality and has a medium size. The Smokers and growers choose the Chronic due its good growth characteristics and an amazing sweet smell. The plant develops a single big central bud and few side branches. The sweet aroma appears during the flowering. The accurate drying will save this subtle smell. 

The flowering takes  8-9 weeks indoors and finishes in the middle or end of October outdoors. The yields reach 350-600 g/m².


6 set_ounce
Harvest Weight


Gender Regular
Genes Indica / Sativa
Genetics Northern Light x (Skunk x Northern Light) x AK47
Harvest 350 - 600 gr/m2
Flowering 8 - 9 weeks
THC high

Tastes & Effects

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loneju Newbie
Growing it
Well, our experiment has ended. The group "fertilizers boosters" is winner by weight. It weighs 1098 grams. The other group weighs 977 grams.
The total weight is 2075 grams. But there is one thing. If the six clones (about which I wrote before) were lucky with the roots, then the difference would not be 121 grams. In general we can conclude the stimulants are water. I decided, that I will not buy them again. Till the end, I was sure that stimulants produce up to 30% of weight.
I have a little more than five hundred grams of leaves around the cones from this cycle. I wanted to do water hashish, but saw video about extraction in dry ice and decided to try. Ordered 6 pounds. I did not buy the net specifically, I have bags for ice extraction. I do not know dimensions of cells, just two bags. I took 150 grams of leaves and about 200 grams of ice, and shook it. First through the small mesh, I had 3 gr. Then through the big mesh, I had 12 gr. And this has stopped. Grids were clogged. Or rather they were damped because of the temperature difference. So for me it is the best way to fight off the plan. And a good output, 1 to 10
2 years ago
ami Newbie
Growing it
Time of harvest has come. Not all chronices petrified. One, the smallest, could still stand 5 days, but I didn't delay Harvest for the sake of the one. Calyxes are all right, you can see. I'll be honest with you, in this cycle I haven’t gotten a decent phenotype.
2 years ago

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