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Early Skunk is a strain that has a clean, powerful and long-lasting effect and a fruity flavor with notes to orange and an earthy background. It will make you feel a warm sensation that will transport your body and mind to other places. Early Skunk is ideal for relieving high levels of stress and intense corporal aches.

This strain comes from the crossing between a selected Early Skunk scion with our male Early Skunk. We have obtained a strain that has been crossed with itself several times guaranteeing stability and homogeneity between individuals.

Its ancestors Skunk and Early Pearl guarantee success and a record time harvest. Early Skunk is a strain especially indicated and created for outdoor cultivation since its fast flowering allows avoiding fungi and rotting that can be provoked by rains in the month of October in certain places.

It is a large and extremely robust plant that has thick branches full of solid buds. These buds are so resinous that they seem crystallized. Early Skunk is a very productive and versatile strain because it adapts easily to any environment.


Gender Feminised
Genes 55% indica / 45% sativa
Harvest 450-550 gr/m2
Flowering 8 weeks

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