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The Pineapple Skunk has such parents as Big Bud and a selection of Skunks. It is a femenised indica dominant strain that contains 30% Sativa and 70% Indica.

The plant is ideal for SOG and SCROG. It needs in growth control during indoor cultivation. The Pineapple Skunk alsoย suits for outdoors growing inย temperate and Mediterranean climates. It is recommended to use anti-smell filters. The fast flowering takes to 58 days. And the harvest presents a big yields of 550+ gr/m2.

The effect has a perfect balance of physical and cerebral potency. The smoke provides a smell of citrus, Skunk and fresh flowers. The taste has pure hues of ripe fruit, pine, lemon, Skunk and slightly hot spicesย 


Gender Feminised
Genes 30% Sativa / 70% Indica
Genetics โ€”
Harvest 350-550 + gr/m2
Flowering 8 weeks
THC high

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