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The Northern Lights has become the classic strain in the cannabis world. This is an indica dominant hybrid, that keeps a lot of sativa properties including its leaf structure. This feminized plant is a pure indica plant.

The plant grows up high and reaches to 1.2 m inside and stretches to 2 m outside. It develops a huge central cola with long thin leaves and a big internodal distance. The harvest comes after 7-8 weeks of flowering or in late September and brings decent yields of ย 575-625 gr/plant outdoors and 500-550 gr/m2 under a 600w light indoors. The best climate for growing outside is in Spain, California or North Africa

The high THC content of 18% provides strong knockout effect that lasts a few minutes. This is an ideal choice for body stone high fans.



2 set_ounce
Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes 100% Indica
Genetics Afghani Indica
Harvest 575-625 gr/m2
Flowering 7 - 8 weeks
THC high
CBD medium

Tastes & Effects

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Dry mouth
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Dry eyes
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MadameMary Newbie
Northern Light
Growing it
This was a beatiful time that comes to an end, and opens a new path, the northern light proved to be all the breeder says, In my opinion too, it is a very grateful strain, if you treat it gently she will give you her best, no pest,no diseases, she fought all the enviromental stress of a 40C degrees summer without any problem,and some days of 60% humidity at the end of blooming phase that made me fear the worst,but as I said NO diseases,not the common botrytis when you have massive 40 cm lenght and 6 cm or circumference colas (with I repeat,60% humidity at the very end).

After ten days drying I couldnt resist those buds who smell like a casket of spices from the silkroad,and I tried to roll some joints cause my dad is an old school smoker who doesnt vape,and I wanted to see what he will experiment (as any child I want my dad to be proud ),after a few puffs of really smooth smoke (close to vape with active carbonfilters),one of the strangest tastes iยดve ever taste on a joint ,(and ive smoked a LOT of different strains since I was 14)l I founded a candy who fell into the ground,all of it contained into a deep earthdense flavour ,(my flatmate who is newbie using the plant, can only say "terracota" after smoking it), with the sweet sutile undertones of a distant flower field that the wind brings to you ,the mindbody effect is so balanced,I founded no "heavyhead" or "couchlock" after smoking 3 or 4 joints(as i said Iam a passionate user),but I dont really need to smoke a lot to feel the effects is just that I love to use the plant, so I use it a lot,well lets focus on the effects, the first I feel was a warm sensation going from my shoulders to the point of my toe,lefting all my body relaxed,and my head happily floating over the body, I suffered sometimes a lot of stress (as all the people who realises that we live on a hard world) but it really leaves relaxed,but not without energy just into a contemplative state that helps after(sometimes before:innocent: ) a long day.
P.S. After the dry weight I have only one more thing to say AMAZING! I dont know if the cause is only one factor or the sum of them,I put effort on that project, .I used a great strain for new growers,and some medium quality materials,.Iยดve been allways reading and studying about the plant, but I didnt expected those numbers and quality on my first grow.

Perfect strain for first time growers,Thanks and good job RQS you made my summer!
2 months ago

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