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First Grow

2 days ago
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Grow medium
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Week 17
13 hrs
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Commented by Misanthrope Misanthrope
2 days ago

Sept 15 - 21
Day 113 - fucking storm....lost about half of Shaniqua last night, remains to be seen if the remainder will be ok. LaFawnduh made it without any damage...until I tried to adjust the branches for better support and cracked a low branch half off the stalk. I immediately held it in place while fastening 2 zipties tightly to hold it in place. Maybe the extra stress will promote trichome growth? Its good to have dreams... Meanwhile, both Green Cracks are completely unharmed. I'm very impressed with them, plants are sturdy and uniform, great genetics

Grow Questions
Misanthrope week 10 started grow question 2 months ago
Thirsty girl
One of my potted plants (LaFawnduh, Gorilla Bomb) is noticeably drooping 24 hours after watering. She perks right up immediately after getting a drink. Should I be giving her water more frequently than 24 hours for optimal growing conditions?
Plant. Wilting
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GrowCN answered grow question 2 months ago
I never want to see my plants drooping from lack of water. The plant will recover but it is still stress. When watering make sure to put water on the entire surface of the soil. Then wait a minute to let it soak in. When the soil is hydrated it can more readily accept more water. Then give more water and wait. Your goal is to moisten every bit of soil in the pot. Don't just dump water in the middle and walk away.

If you can't water frequent enough to stop the wilting there are moisture crystals you can mix into the soil. I use them on my flowers in pots outdoors. Sometimes a pot can't hold enough water to get through a hot day and the crystals can buy you more time. You can also consider using an automatic waterer. I think a manual watering is still important but if a machine can give a little extra when the plats really need it then it can be very helpful.
Misanthrope week 11 started grow question 1 month ago
First grow so I would appreciate additional opinions - have these plants begun to pre-flower? When should I switch to flowering nutrients?
Plant. Other
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MrRockwool answered grow question 1 month ago
Looks like the plant is showing she is a female. I suggest feeding flower nutrients 2 weeks after the plant goes into flower. That will be around the time the outside plants daylight is at 14hrs or less. Best of luck the rest of the grow.
Misanthrope week 11 started grow question 1 month ago
Rectum? Damn Near Killed Her!
Just noticed this split in the central stalk today. Plant is very healthy otherwise tho growth has slowed. The way it's healed over makes me think everything will be ok but this is my first grow and could use some expert input
Other. General questions
Plant. Other
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Mongler1187 answered grow question 1 month ago
wrap some twine around it so it can not split more and support the two half's it will be fine . when topping try to leave a little stem past the last two nodes for the plant to grow into . other wise over time you will end up with a bum and a split on the top . bigger plant bigger bum split will form . where branches meet is the weak part . careful to hold the branch before the main stock and slowly wiggle the bend point back and forth for easier better bends .
Misanthrope week 12 started grow question 1 month ago
Single Discoloured Leaf
What is she trying to tell me with the discolouration pattern on this single leaf?
Leaves. Color - Yellow
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youngatheart answered grow question 1 month ago
It's the begging of a calmag- nitrogen deficiency. Now before flowering she is using what she can find, and if not in soil she will take it from the leafs. As you have spotted it early, it's easy to correct. And nice looking plant !!
Misanthrope week 12 started grow question 1 month ago
Fast Flowering
One plant of 4 outdoor plants is farther along in flowering than the others, I'd guess by a week or two (my first grow). What would make this happen and should I be concerned? Plant also shows signs of possible Mg deficiency, being corrected.
Buds. Other
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Bostongirl17 answered grow question 1 month ago
Every seed collected, even if off the same mother plant has slightly different inherited traits. This is noticeable both indoors and outdoors when growing multiple seeds of the same strain. It’s not a bad trait to have, especially this year since growing outdoors has been especially challenging. Gwen’s definitely a hottie though :seedling:
Misanthrope week 13 started grow question 3 weeks ago
I've got an outdoor plant 2 weeks into flowering and shes growing at a 45° angle. I lost a branch today while watering, not unexpected. Left unsupported, will the plant produce anything or is the whole plant likely to collapse?
Plant. Twisted
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GrowCN answered grow question 3 weeks ago
It looks like you put a tomato cage around it early on. I would stake or tie the plant to help hold it up. It should flower and produce OK.
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Sorry for your loss to the storm mate - might not be wrong about the stress though!