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Night Nurse CBD 1:1 Fem Indoor LED Grow

6 days ago
MM Genetics Night Nurse CBD Feminized Custom Breeder & Strain
Room Type
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
week 3
weeks 3,4,...
weeks 5,6
weeks 7,10,...
weeks 7,8,...
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Grow Conditions
Week 12
12 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
Day Air Temperature
Air Humidity
Grow Technique Usage
Commented by theWilly theWilly
6 days ago

Nothing much to comment. They're continuing to stack up buds. Stretching has slowed down. I moved the lights up about 2 inches. PPFD varies, it's over 1500 in hot spots, most areas seem to be 900-1200, on the edges it can drop to 500.

I top dressed with leaf trimmings, some Malibu compost, and Bokashi. Then I misted the fresh top dressing with a water and EM1 mix.

When it runs dry I can water 2.5-3 gallons. It needs watering every 2 to 3 days now. RO water has gotten to be too much hassle so I'm using filtered tap water. I'm filtering with a cheap inline RV filter on my garden hose run into a 5 gal bucket. I try to let that sit at least 24 hours with an air stone bubbler in it and I'll usually add a little molasses because it's supposed to help lock up the chloramine.

Looks like the sugar leaves are beginning to get frosty!

Grow Questions
theWilly week 2 started grow question 3 months ago
Seedlings with yellowing leaf edges
Any insight on what may be causing the yellow edges on these seedlings?
I'm reusing FF Ocean Forest that I used on my last grow. I didn't amend the soil in these containers as I didn't expect they'd need anything before it was time to transplant. pH was good at last harvest.
Leaves. Color - Yellow
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ChitownCannaChica answered grow question 3 months ago
Looks like nute burn. Could be a little hot. Will be fine after transplant.
theWilly week 8 started grow question 1 month ago
Time to flip?
Would you flip these to flower now or fill out the tent more first? I have a feeling these will be a little stretchy but I've also got good vertical space to work with.
Techniques. ScrOG
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EmeraldLakeCannabis answered grow question 1 month ago
Personally, I'd flip within a week, two max.
In the end it's up to you, as they will inevitably stretch; and the flowering time will remain the same either way.
Depends on your goals- do you want two weeks worth of nodes of bud? Can your light supply the energy needed for those extra nodes?
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Genius week 12

Looks soo good.. Good Luuuck:heart_eyes: