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Growth Technology


The Growth Technology was founded in 1984 in Australia. The company began to create hydroponic nutrients for their own commercial yields. But in a short time it strated selling to other growers.

Today Growth Technology is a producer of nutrients that is famous among the growers all over the world. The company always uses the innovation to ensure the high quality of the final product. 

The professional experience and the great reputation of the company help to create fertilizers that make a cultivation easier and more successful.


  • The Growth Technology has an technical support and an consultation for all  customers
  • Every part of nutrient  is completely analysed and tested
  • The highly trained chemists with an extensive expertise work in the company
  • The composition of each fertilizer is carefully calculated and manufactured according the highest standards
Growth TechnologyGrowth TechnologyGrowth TechnologyGrowth TechnologyGrowth Technology
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Really nice nute that fed my plant well she was nice and green not that my photos taken under the leds show how green she was during veg.
2 months ago
After two weeks all clones developed nice roots. I wonder if these products make any difference in rooting speed.
2 months ago
Love these lil gems for your grow room.
2 months ago
Always need this and this is the best I've tried
3 months ago
Great pH Down, just a few drops are needed.
3 months ago
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You guys need to add OptiCal Mg to your nutrient list on this website so it dont show up as custom haha