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The comeback kid. 1st grow.

Approved by Barney's Farm
1 month ago
LED / 20W
LED / 0W SF1000D
LED / 20W
Room Type
Grow medium
coco husk
Grow medium
Shamrock potting compost
Grow medium
Paper Towel
Germination Method
Targeted defol 2 produce ext trich/res
week 15
weeks 3,4,...
week 4
week 4
Flushing nutes/restart programme
week 5
Removal of degradated leafs
week 5
Removal of stunted node
week 6
Barney's Farm - Tangerine Dream Auto
Tangerine Dream Auto
Barney's Farm

Growing it




Well, where do I start with this one. She was the biggest pain in the arse, she came down with tox after def after tox after stall then bang boom bash we got a mini monster on our hands. I'm putting down the fact that I destroyed her nearly by trying her on pre loaded soil and straight onto bloom after her transplant from coco into coco/soil, that was a total disaster btw. She went straight into N tox, nearly, very killed her off. She stalled. I would strongly suggest you read my diary wk 2-5 To see where she stalled and why she did and how I fixed her.

5 nodes in total, not sets 2.5sets. Nodes were 65-70cm long, all buds sat nicely above pot and buds on top were bending over being top heavy. Yes, there was very little stigma at the very ends of the nodes and lowest bud sites but even most of them had gone orange amber pistils, very few white pistils. As for how I increased the Trich, I was able to get the RH right down into the 50(s) and was able to bring her about and she tripled in frost and resin. Nice long cloudy trichomes surround her sugar leafs that will make for great smoke, bubble hash or whatever. She stinks of orange zest with the hint of another citrus fruity scent with a small hint of tangerine in the background. She'll be a weed to cure for sure. I took a 12g wet tester of her 2 wks ago and was lovely and all. But wasn't there yet, as it was a bit harsh. She was still heavily eating so, no more testers I just wanted to see was she a lemon before I turned on my dehuimifier to sort out the RH was around 40-45% for the last 2.5 wks of her grow, through pre flower it was 60+ mid 50-55 would of been nice to get it lower than that as 35-45 is needed from pre-flower right up until harvest.

As for drying, I'm doing a little test. Fast dried weed 2 day 55%RH 21-23c VS slow 10-14 day hang dried in 60% RH with a temp ranging from 19-21c. Smoke reports will follow.

289.8+12 Gram Wet of really dank frosted out bud. Around 90+ grams of this will be stalk and fan leafs and that. Dry weight will added of course without fan leafs, stalks/stems. Frosted trim will be added either by weight or bubble hash. Depends how it all dries up in the end. Really happy with how this one turned out, hopefully she'll give back 40g dry or so.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
20 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
35% Sativa
65% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

Harvest view effect changes medical


Top potent stuff that keeps a very stable PH. Love it.

Top stuff that worked great for this plant when she was very sickly. Not a bad word to say about this stuff.

Does need a ph- when used solo though as it can make it go up to 10.5+


Well, for a 100 watt light she's a great 1. So far I've pulled 200+ grams dry from 4.5 plants still .5 to go and will give a real Dry G/W/P. She does really well in the 70x70 and can easily do 4-5 autos or 2-3 fems for sure.

354 Grams Dry from 5 plants started at the same time. 3.54 G/W


Excellent quality. It really is a piece of the higher end of grow tents.
Got 5 autos in her and was able to manage them fine.

Commented by gottagrowsometime gottagrowsometime

Really really enjoyed doing this one. Around 300 Gram Wet. With - stalk/leafs/stems will probably give 40+ grams which is great, as if you look back as to where she was and what she turned into. Wow is all I can say. She is really a true Gem of a auto with a 15% THC and around 5% CBD. I'm hoping she's going to make for a nice day time smoke. She taste great will give reports on fast dry VS slow hang dry in roughly 2 weeks and then in the jars for 2+ wks and I'll be happy to smoke it up for sure. Keep it real ppl, and thank you for reading.
Fast dried bud is in 42hrs later. 8.6 + 3g +2g I took during her heavy flowering and its all bud no stems or crap. And as for the trim. Well it's frosty as crap and I removed 95% of what was frosted out, all trim with even some frost was binned. Couldn't be bothered with it. 13.5G dry so far. As for the bud itself even quick dried it's fantastic, it's so nice to have some different bud to smoke. It has a full taste and all. But it has a light earthy, planty smell mixed in with the fruits and orange zest. As for the hang drying bud, that's a different animal all together, no planty/earthy smell. Just pure orange zest with a strong aroma of tangerines kicking in. As for the critics well, yum is all I can say. Again, I do not have the palate yet, or sense of smells. So sorry about my poor report. As for the high I'd say she's defo leaning more on the INDICA side. I'd say 80/20. The air dried bud is potent and pungent but doesn't hold a candle to the hang dried bud. She has kept her full smell, if anything it's gotten more intense and stronger, the smell is very lasting if you get me. I'll add a more detailed report 2moro. here atm.

Happy growing, stay safe gottagrowsometime

Smoke review

Some really top smoke. The 11gram that was fast dried smoked really nice over the last 2 days it's been a nice change to have instead of my zkittlez. It's very pungent and stinky. Very sticky she was and still is somewhat. Hands were very sticky from trimming the hang dried stuff, not so much off the fast dried. As for the quality of the hang dried smoke, hmmm it's hard to tell really. It is stronger but idk, I was expecting something different. Tbh if some body was to hand me a joint the way it is uncured idt I could tell the difference, we will see after the cure. Can only really cure the hang dried as the rest of the fast dried will be finish off by 2moro. It is up there is quality though, not as powerful as zkittkez, she will be my dat time smoke for sure. I'd say she rests somewhere between 50/50 For indica and sativa. 300g wet gave me 57g dry and about 2.5 of decent trim and bits of small bud.

Really happy with this one. Will be trying her again to see how much I can improve upon it with my new grow room and finally having RH under control and a decent air exchange.

Grow Questions
gottagrowsometime week 3 started grow question 4 months ago
strip nodes early until mainline node is reached
So, I've an idea. With this plant I'm doing mainline right! Sooo, to get quicker growth with her being an auto will it be okay to take the 1 set of nodes off, and whatever grows after until I've reached the nodes I want to mainline, this wuld be ok and speed process right?
Plant. Other
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Chow_13 answered grow question 4 months ago
Each fan leaf is food. If you strip the small growth that happens between the main stock then yes. But keep as many leaves as possible. Once you strip that growth the energy from the fan leaf gets diverted to the next node
gottagrowsometime week 6 started grow question 3 months ago
Should I remove node, no growth.
Read D. And see what I've tried 2do wit lacking exp. So, as you see, de node I have marked is on the 2nd set. I removed the lowest fan leaf to promote growth on 2st set of underdeveloped nodes. 1 worked great for one but there has been no change in this one at all. Read down
Plant. Other
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m0use answered grow question 3 months ago
Just leave it as is.

Its an auto, striping or removing it may stress the plant to much on top of the other things.
I would avoid removing any other fan leaves/stems and just tuck them under branches for now.
The plant is still small and if its now in flower it will not put on much new growth.
Over all its a bit stunted but if you get a harvest out of it, it will be a great success for a new grower.

Good Luck and Happy Growing!
Cyrusdavirus week 15

Congratulations :beers:


@Cyrusdavirus, thanks pal.

BackyardB week 15

Nice grow!! How do you like the AN line up and the outcome versus others you use


Fasho thanks for insight. I must say that I don't find there products expensive. The kit was 0 and a liter cost was btw -22 on average. This is my 3 grow .. 1st was a lucky 2020 covid lock down boredom grow that sparked the hobby.

My first run with AN but so far so good. I like the simplicity of using there nutes and the auto PH adjust is working well.. I stay between 6.3-6.8 with tap water level of 7.6. Only time will tell if the end product is good.


@BackyardB, Cheers bro. Well I've only done 1 round of growing. I'm doing a few comparison AN vs Terra Power check them out on they claim they have improved upon each AN nutrient. I should see results shortly.

AN are Good. But 70e a L for 2 of their top products is a lil much.

There is cheaper better options for a lot of their products. There sensi line is very basic.

Jungle juice line up rocks though. Or if you can get your hands on the Pro Line that looks sick also, which you have so. You should get top top results. As there pro line has Ruderails in m8nd and full of trace nutrients autos and modern day strains need.

zoobzoob23 week 15



@zoobzoob23, cheers brother.