Fast Buds Banana Purple Punch, Mixed Autos

2 months ago
Room Type
weeks 2-8
weeks 4-8
Grow medium
Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Grow medium
PRO MIX Organic
Grow medium
00seeds2 - 00 KUSH
Mix Pack Auto
Fast Buds
The rest of the girls are now hanging in a dark closet. Will post update and pictures when dry.
The Outcome
Week 10
Commented by
Shenelly78 Shenelly78
2 months ago
Start of week 11
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Grow Questions
Shenelly78started grow question 3 months ago
Newbie here. Does she look healthy to you guys or am I just paranoid. Lol. I think there is some dropping going on and I swear I see a purplish color on some of the tips.
Scrubbyjimbobanswered grow question 3 months ago
You're good.... honestly new grower's biggest hurdle is not loving their plants to death. They have a tendency to over react to minor plant fluctuations and cause more problems with their "cures" when none are required. When an issue persists, THAT'S when you know something is going on that probably requires attention.
Shenelly78started grow question 3 months ago
Hi everyone. So I have a plant in early flower end of week 4. I noticed stems have taking on a purplish or red color. It's a Banana Purple Punch so I don't know if it's a genetics thing or a deficiency. Phosphorus?
GreenThumbedGroweranswered grow question 3 months ago
Yeah it's because the plant has purple genetics. If you look at mine, it's the same. Happy growing =)
Shenelly78started grow question 3 months ago
Hi again. So my one plant that's in flower is having yellowing of leaves with brownish spots. I'm thinking Cal-mag deficiency? Thanks in advance for the help. 😊
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m0useanswered grow question 3 months ago
Looking at your diary your giving them 2.05EC, that's quite high especially for an autoflower. The addition of molasses in the feeding will also boost that EC and add in a shit ton of sugars. I have found anytime I add in molasses it complicates the medium, moulds and bugs come a knocking. You might want to give them a smaller flush and provide a feed without it. As for the bloom fertilizer your using, The company Meigs does not provide any ingredients on the website nor a guaranteed analysis of it. No SDS's or MDS on the products either. It says the NPK ratio is 2-2-5 on its label but that's not really enough N or P in a fertilizer for a plant, it also says it has micro nutrients but does not list them. The site also sells wellness classes on yoga and shit. its a weird mix of things. I think you can do better with another brand. The about us page says the person makes the fertilizers as well. so they should know whats in it. I would email them asking for a list of ingredients and some lab tests its guaranteed, if they can't deliver ditch it. A lot of what they grow appears to be in soil so soil does not need that much macro supplementation if any at all. To me it looks like it needs some Mg and some P but is fine for Calcium, maybe it getting locked out with the high EC or its in a from that's not available to plants like Magnesium Oxide as it takes time to break down and become available. The tacoing leaves or turning tips up of the fan leaves is indicting it is under heat stress as well. 24c should not do that so maybe to much light or not enough water. Can calculate your DLI using PPFD maps for your light at specific hang highs from the manufacture. on the subject of lighting, 20hrs a day of lighting is also a bit much. plants need sleep and rest, they do things in this down time and 4hrs a day is not enough. I'd aim for 6-8 minimum. Good Luck!
Shenelly78started grow question 2 months ago
This is my firstly grow and I am kinda confused about when to flush. Do you start the flush at the first signs of amber? Should I start flushing her?
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gottagrowsometimeanswered grow question 2 months ago
I looked at your diarie. You're using organic nutrients There's no need to hard flush. Just on her last week. Just cut it to water. I see you're giving Mol. Id also cut that and let your soil feed the rest of the plant in ripening. No run off as a slow flush (adding jst water, repeat when it dries and keep doing until you see the plant intake of water drop) As for ambers (Signs of ambers are THC degrading, but in saying that) the peak of THC in your plant is when trichomes have clouded up. So, its kinda of a give and take. So, 90-95% cloudy with no more than 20% ambers. Doing a CBD strain you want as much amber as you can get as it builds cbd. If I were you, do a 101 on harvest windows. Depending on your likes, type of strain (hybrid, indica you'd lean to push more cloudy, sativa you'd leave more clear for a more cerebral high Look pal. It can take up to 3-4 crops to get the underlying result correct to your liken. Also, amber % can define how harsh your bud can be against the throat. Looking at your pic she's nearly there. Start feeding water and let the ripen process finish up by eating what's left in the pot.

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SirBudAlottsweek 8
Looking amazing 👏 😍 👌
@SirBudAlotts, thank you. 😊
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Krisisweek 2
Good luck 💚
@Krisis thank you.
Crashoveriteweek 4
Happy and healthy growing mate 👨‍🌾✨🍀
@Shenelly78, 😎✌️💚
@Crashoverite, thank you
GreenThumbedGrowerweek 4
Hey mate, welcome here. Your plant looks absolutely amazing so far, congratulations, proud of you =D We can have our own little competition as I'm growing the same as you lol. What light are you using? I'm sure you know this, but you need REALLY powerful lights to grow decent cannabis with a good yield. I have two monster purple haze's growing currently under a SpiderFarmer SF4000 at 75% and its a beast of a light. If you have any questions, feel free to @ me or send me a private message. Always more than happy to help. Milego dnia I Pozdrawiam =)
@GreenThumbedGrower, thanks. This is all new to me so any feedback I get is much appreciated. I'm using a Marshydro tsw 2000. Again thanks so
KushPartyweek 10
Looks good 👍 👍 👍