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First ever grow

4 weeks ago
Room Type
LED (600W)
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LED (600W)
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Dinafem - Critical + 2.0
Critical + 2.0

Growing it




My 4 critical 2.0 stayed fairly small, but I stunted them in the beginning with low humidity and overwatering. They yielded me 62 grams. All nice quality. For a first grow I am pleased with the results. I also trimmed up the cheese plant tonight. I dried this one much slower and at the right humidity and it made a huge difference. It produces 49 grams. The main cola was 13 and the side branches can to 36. Very nice plant.

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100% Sativa
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Dry mouth
Grow Questions
kbloom week 2 started grow question 3 months ago
I am new to growing, am just starting a journal as documentation in order to make future adjustments. The grow has started off slow and I am looking for recommendations. I am using 3 gal pots with pre mixed organic nutrients in coco.
Other General Questions
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Athos answered grow question 3 months ago
A few tips. If I am reading this right, you are using a mix of soil with coco and perite right? The first tip is to keep an eye on your temperatures, if they get below 73F (23C) the growth rate will be very slow (not your case); second, watering, at this stage, only give a cup of water every 4 days, why? to force the plant to make a strong root zone and additionally if you give any more the plant will become waterlogged and it will have trouble getting oxygen through the roots (this makes the plants growth slow down to a crawl), only increase the amount when you notice that the media dries faster. Third, check the light to plant distance, 30 inches could be too much decreasing the light intensity that your seedlings are getting, try putting it closer, but mind that the heat is not too much; there's a simple test you can do, place your hand at canopy level, if it is too hot for the back of your hand, then it's too hot for the plants. Fourth, train your plant, as it grows try to get an even canopy so all tops receive the same amount of light, google LST or TOPing and try to learn to do it. Good luck mate and patience
kbloom week 7 started grow question 2 months ago
Looking for recommendations on when to harvest. This is day 51. I got a trichomes viewer and donโ€™t see any amber yet and mostly clear and some cloudy. The plants that is furthest along appears to be struggling and has some leaves drying up. Thanks for the help
Other General Questions
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SpinnerCaribbean answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Hello ! The best moment to chop for a peak of THC ( and potency ) is when the trichomes are mostly cloudy/white , the best time to srart the flush is when your trichomes are almost ready , if you want 90% white trichomes then flush when you see 80%. Now concerning the flush ,for soilless/hydro grow a week is the average , 10 to obtain a yellow colour ( so less chlorophyle ) but 7 days is good enough. Now concerning your plants I can say that the dark green colour is caused by a slight nitrogen excess but it can be fixed by using a bloom fertilizer with more PK than N , also the purple stems could be a sign of a magnesium deficiency but the leaves does not showing the others signs so I bet it is a genetic trait of you strain. The yellowing tips could be an over feeding sign too but also looks like a Potassium deficiency as the edge of the leaves an the tips are yellowing but I'm not sure about it. I hope ot will help you :grin::+1:
HighTV answered grow question 2 months ago
Hi there @Kbloom! overall agree with @spinnergrow about the yellowing tips being caused by Nutrient burn. The plant with the Chlorisis(yellowing) on the leaf tips Needs to be flushed with Pure water PHed at 6.1-6.3 for 3-4 days before continue back onto a feed with reduced nutrients. In terms of Trichomes you are doing a perfect job so far watching them for the harvest time- I HIGHLY recommend aiming for as much Cloudy Trichomes as possible to give a mental head high and some Amber for a body high! Be sure to leave a full week of time before your harvesting to Flush the plants of all the leftover nutrients with pure water for a cleaner smoke! If the furthest along plant is struggling then don't be afraid to Harvest her a little early this can help maintain trichome quality on a degrading plant. Long story short you have nothing to worry about this late into flower that you can seriously change, just flush the plant for 3-4 days and return on a reduced nutrient schedule until your harvest time! :sunglasses:
Stick answered grow question 2 months ago
Hi @kbloom! Use a hand-held magnifier/microscope and take a daily close look at the trichomes, they will tell you when to start to flush and when to harvest. Once you see the first milky trichomes you can trigger the flush phase, trichomes will take several days to turn 100% milky, usually between 8 and 12 days in coco, this will be your flush duration. Watch the color of the runoff, it should get more clean & clear each time you flush. Try to decrease your relative humidity for this last week (50% is a bit high, 30% would be better), this will encourage resin production and will prevent any mold/bud-rot issues. After each waterings make sure your containers get a cool and continuous breeze, this will help them to dry faster and avoid overwatering symptoms. Clear and skinny trichomes --> too soon, milky and fat trichomes --> best time to harvest, amber trichomes --> too late, THC is degrading. You will probably mixed trichomes, like 80% milky 10% clear 10% amber, this is still a very good ratio. Hope this will help, keep us up-to-date and enjoy your harvest :facepunch:
Nikon1112 week 11

Nice job

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