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First Grow- White Widow ScrOG SF1000LEDs

4 months ago
weeks 4,5,...
weeks 8,9,...
weeks 4,5
weeks 6,7,...
Crop King Seeds - White Widow
White Widow
Crop King Seeds

Growing it




Growing this strain was super easy, yes I went hardcore scientific and took care of it to the best of my abilities, it made it easy on me.

It handled the topping, LST, light burn, nutrient burn, over-watering, under-watering, broken stems, stalks, ripped leaves, and everything else and recovered fast, and was only stunted in 1 plant for a week or two. An absolute champ of taking a beating but still produced some really good bud.

Nice terps, Nice smooth flavour, cure and flush went great. 0 complaints at all, the only thing is that I got two different phenos which is not much of a complaint really. One grew denser with more terps but smaller, the other was more airy. 80g+ and about 130g+ off each plant respectively.

Also crop king sent me replacement seeds even though the fuck up was mostly mine, really helped me a lot and kept me very happy.

The bud is a very energetic, up, alert, creative high. I harvested in the early/middle of the ripeness. So there were no more than 10% amber maybe and about 90% cloudy.

I love the high, and i vape it so there is some of the least burnout I've ever had.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
2 plants
Number of plants harvested
200 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
25% Sativa
75% Indica

Positive effects


I had great results, I couldn't get enough to the plants, they loved it and always responded to the feed with great immediate growth. Flush went smooth and no flavours survived the dry and cure, just great bud taste.


Great light, very easy to use, just really cannot have the lights below 24" as it is very likely to cause LED burn below this height unless everything else is perfect. I find its tough to hit the sweet spot early in veg with seedlings. too high and it stretches and too low and it burns.

Can't say enough about the lights efficiency, and $ value. Great product.

Its my first time I grew anything. It went very smooth even with a broken ankle. Strain took any and all abuse extremely well. SCROG, LST, Topping all went really well but i didn't have a great shape or structure in the SCROG. just tucked any open space without much planning. getting around the hard to reach places was super rough and neck/back/knee breaking. I struggled to get the proper wind on the leaves, or at least I could have lessened the wind burn. The clip on fans were good but annoying to place, and unreliable at holding their position because of tent negative pressure, their poor design and the space confinements. I left a lot of genetic potential as it was my first grow and I was not smooth. Overall very very happy with the 210+g at harvest, very happy with the flush results, and very happy with the harvest window I chose (2 weeks past guidelines but 1 week away from end of window (week 10 of flower).

I tried smoking the wet bud, it was disgusting and pointless. I tried basically every day the worst quality popcorn buds that had yet to dry, they were moving from disgusting to just flat out terrible, to not the worst, to just bad, and then finally after 2 weeks they didnt taste good but were just low quality bush. After week 1 of the cure the bud was neutral. and after 2 weeks of cure the bud was very smooth. Now into a full month of cure the bud tastes smooth and is nice. As far as smell goes, when I harvested it was pure jet fuel. It reeeeeeeaked like cleaning product, really diesel and extremely pungent. It would tickle inside your noise and feel like punch in the face. Now that its cured properly it lost a lot of that almsot burning pungent feel inside the noise and just smells like good weed aka gas.

Grow Questions
Troy_McClure week 1 started grow question 8 months ago
My grow tent drops down to 65 (75-80 with the fan on low settings during 16 hour light cycles) during the off 8 hours of the light cycle, I would like to establish a more consistent temperature, or at least ideally keep the grow tent closer to 70 while the lights are off. How?
Techniques. Defoliation
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Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 8 months ago
hi, iam using small Infrared heater with thermostate to keep the Temps around 70 degree. Those little ones are doing great. Ive choosen one with only 300 watts to save my electricity bill. And it wents on if temperatures are dropping. ........But you can start with extern conditions.. do you have aplace that is wamer=? can you " isolate" the Tent=?for outside with styropor// cardboard//And last solution is giving her external heat from a heater...
Troy_McClure week 6 started grow question 7 months ago
What should I do about the old leaves? likely ph imbalance and/or nute deficiency (Phosphorus -redding older stems + browning of dry leaves) and Nitrogen- slow light green new growth) - the issues seem to be resolved, but the leaves are flaking almost. mostly referring to plant 2
Leaves. Dropping off
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Mr_Weeds_Autos answered grow question 7 months ago
I would remove them, remember whatever damage that has been done due to a deficiency will stay that way ... Plus having dead leaves around can leave room to invite unwanted insects to your environment because they love to feed on the dying leaves.
Troy_McClure week 10 started grow question 6 months ago
soil ph is erratic

fox farm ocean forest : pro-mix (3:1) - ph 6.3-6.8
run-off ph: plant 2: 4-6 plant 1: 5-6.8
watering / feed ph: 6.3-6.45
soil ph after water /feed: 5-7
soil ph when dry: 7.5-8

both plants treated 100% the same

phosphorus deficiency / ph imbalance help please
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Leaves. Color - Dark-brown
Plant. Stem - Red or purple
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Jinks101 answered grow question 6 months ago
Hello there. PH mal-adjustment with, what looks like, a P/Cal deficiency.

I also used Ocean Forest in my first grow because the pre-nutrient amended soil was attractive to me, but it kind of hurt more then it helped. Same as you, I ran into almost constant pH problems when using OC and it frustrated me endlessly (ended up using a neutral soil for the last 2 gallons for last pot up). Good news, I wouldn't panic over this too much. Changes need to made, probably some trial and error, but they will come back.

Red/purple stems can be a symptom of P deficiency but I see your night temps are around 19 degrees Celsius and could this can also change the colors of your stems, laterals and leaf veins. Copper spotting does not look like splash back to me at all. I feel you're looking at a phosphorous and calcium deficiency. The uptake of these nutrients is optimal at 6.2 and with the current swings in your pH (and also work in conjunction with one another), I don't think the plant is taking much of it up. You can give it as much as you'd like, but she just may not be having it.

Suggested solution: (Same thing I did to mitigate and remedy the same symptoms) Next feed (or two) I would simply "flush through" a good amount of pH balanced water @ 6.2-6.4. I would not recommend over-compensating and feeding anything about 6.6 as this may fix one problem while creating another (possible lockout of other essential nutrients). In these "flush throughs" I add my phosphorus blooming supplement with cal/mag (Usually 3/4 dose. Trust your gut, though). This way, you can properly flush out excess salts/nutrients/developing pathogens while not starving her of the P and Cal she desperately wants right now. After a couple consecutive flush throughs, you should notice the pH start to balance itself out. When you return to normal feeding (if pH is back in order) I would also suggest watching how much Nitrogen supplementation you give the ladies. Micro nutrients that work along side Nitrogen, like zinc, copper and iron, can interrupt the uptake of P and Cal/Sulfur and keep the soil mal-adjusted (uptake of these nutrients is around 5.5-5.7). OC medium is hard to gauge when it comes to Nitrogen. It's highly amended with these macro/micro nutrients and can certainly cause trouble. There are no hard answers to this question, but rather a roadmap to possible remedies over time.

Your girls will be just fine. Just need a little tweaking!:+1: I hope this helped my friend. If this is the answer you're looking for there is no need to "pick" it. Remove the question and keep it for another day:wink: (Weird how there's a time frame limitation to questions...I don't understand why). Cheers and good luck, no matter what course of action you take!!:fist:
Troy_McClure week 18 started grow question 4 months ago
Harvest on Mar.7, any tips or tricks welcome.
I plan on watering just 1.5 gal each on Mar. 4, turn off the lights for 36H Mar. 5 @7:00am-Mar.7 @6:45pm (15 min before lights on normally) I hope that the soil is dry for harvest.
cut down small stems, hang, remove dead leaves, dry
Buds. Other
Techniques. Other
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Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 4 months ago
Hello, If you want to go with drytrimming you need a very good well areated place with a good tempeature and RH to let them dry ( for example on a clothes rack in your living room). If you dont have such a good place or dont want to use your living room:smiley:. Then its better to cut in branches and get them a good wet trim, and hang them . In 95 percent i go with wet trimming. Its some work , but absolutely worth. And you can use the suagrleaves to do some butter, oil, shatter anything you like. I even keep fanleaves to make smoothies ( just pick them and freeze them to store)
the ugliest leaves it put to my compost.. or into my wormfarm.. so i dont throw away anything. The stalk and branches get sheddered and go to compost too
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@JP148, Thank you very much

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So far its been a full week of drying, buds are still not there yet, stems are still a few days at least away from snapping.

I have been taking some of the lowest quality buds off plant 1 and vaping them as time passes the taste is becoming exponentially less harsh, and tasting more neutral rather than bad. I fully expect the next week of drying and then the following weeks of cure to be better by the day. I think it will be really good weed, as the worst nugs of them all are getting me super high off tiny bits in the vape.

Troy_McClure week 19

also, I chucked the old plants I chopped into the backyard with their rootball and soil puck all together, and it started revegging a tiny bit after less than a week. Even in southern Ontario its still -5 to +14 C fluctuating like crazy so its a super resistant and tough little plant. Love to see it