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SweetSeeds iHydroSoil

Approved by Sweet Seeds
6 months ago
LED / 250W
LED / 250W
NPK Industries
Room Type
weeks 4,5
weeks 5,8
Sweet Seeds - Fast Bud #2 Auto®
Fast Bud #2 Auto®
Sweet Seeds

Growing it




First of all, nobody gave me these seeds. I bought them out of pocket with my hard earned money. if I had been gifted them it still wouldn't change my review the slightest but that wasn't even the case. with that out the way...

veg phase was vigorous and responded well to lst. the buds were very hairy (lots of pistils) fat, imposing, quite dense and resinous. the resin is more on the dry end of the scale rather than that sticky icky stuff. The aroma was quite strong considering the scortching heat she was subject to. the aroma was a fruity, floral aroma, tropical vibez. very pleasant indeed. Sort of a papaya/cannabis smoothie. the last week or 10 days the smell changed quite a bit to a funkier, muskier smell.

the yield was very respectable for an autoflower. just over 122 gr of dry, trimmed flower.

the bud structure allows for some of the easiest trimming you will ever have.

the buds are in a jar for 5 or 6 days for curing process. the smell is coming back strong after fading quite a bit in drying (normal and expected)

I want to give it another couple of weeks before indulging hard but I did take a few buds for a cheeky taste.

the smoke is quite smooth even without being cured. sign of a good flush and the clean white ash further confirmed a great flush.

I wasn't expecting such potent smoke. I have pretty good tolerance and at first it didn't seem so strong but after a while or after your second/third spliff my face started to melt off. I went for a snack my body was heavy and lethargic as if I had to ask permission from the other leg everytime I wanted to take a step. soon after eating it was all she wrote - nap time! .

that's going to be it for now but I'll come back after curing for a more complete report in about 2.5 weeks

I'll let the flavours develop then I'll come back and smoke during the different stages of the day and different state of minds to give you guys a better report of what to expect from it. at this stage and after a long day my experience was quite couch-locky

untill then all I can say is I'm very happy with this grow and also that I still have more beans. for sure I'll run this strain again. I highly recommend it anyone looking to grow autos. specially if you are new to growing or don't have an ideal growroom but a hot and poorly ventilated space. this is one of the better strains I've dealt with for growing in such conditions

in my grow room I let it go for 11 weeks but don't let that put you off growing it. I could have finished alot sooner it this plant had had the best seat in the grow room (directly under the growlight) for most of the grow that wasn't the case. I also prefer to harvest later rather than sooner. I do think in ideal circumstances I can have this plant done in 7 or 8 weeks, no problem.

this grow went smooth I didn't have any bad fungi on any plants so I don't have anything to compare it to in terms of resistance to mold and mildew but I'm going to go ahead and say it's strong.

I did have some bugs that came with the soil and they were neutralized about mid veg.

this is a very recommendable strain to grow. Anyone will be happy with it. For somebody starting out it's perfect because it's so easy to grow. Even with my mistakes (I had some light bleaching because they were too close. I could and should have resolved sooner, also for almost a week I have it the wrong nutrient solution) those are just 2 mistakes I noticed. I might have had others. the worse thing was the heat. so much heat. I caught my growspace at a whopping heartbreaking 33 celcius and that was with my best efforts or else it could have reached 36. despite that she did good and was able to hold on to it's terpine profile. to me that was the most impressive thing. normally with that type of heat potency and stone just boil off. I'm sure she will preform better in milder climate but I'm still pleased

taste after a 3 week curing process: smooth good tasting smoke. the effect at first seems very light but after a while you will feel your body extremely heavy coughlocky high. surprisingly not very huge munchies but if you do eat you'll feel like your body got put in a cast. the yield, aroma are above average while the effect is average potency. I enjoyed growing out this strain and I'll grow it again. I do wish this would give me more of a head high. I like to feel paranoid and giggly and creative. I didn't feel any of that smoking this I felt numb and as if my body was made of pure lead. now I'm not saying I have no use for this type of medicine. I absolutly do. I just prefer more complexity and multi stage high

wanna get these seeds? visit:

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
500 watt
Total light power used
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Grow Room
Grow Room size
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ounce /plant
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20% Sativa
80% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry eyes
Dry mouth

not the cheapest nutrients. also they want you to buy some 16 different bottles (if u want the full lineup) I'm pretty sure alot of these don't need to be sold separately .

what I really like is the pH perfect technology. not having to pH and having peace of mind that the pH is always on point is pretty awesome. pH pens can lie to you if not calibrated , the electrodes can stop working not to mention one less thing to fiddle with.
this nutrient line worked very well. if it's worth the extra cash or not, that's for you to decide

great. quite happy with it

overall great product at a great price. usually citric acid shouldn't be used as it's very unstable. this was formulated in a way to be stable.

citric acid is the base for this organic pH reducer is that you can use it during both the growth and flowering periods. Usually, people end up using either phosphoric or nitric acid during the entire cycle which is a mistake, as each one is specific to a plant phase. These types of reducers are also quite strong and can do away with fungi or bacteria in the substrate, which is not good for your plants (especially in organic grows) or your pocket.

I'll keep using it for sure. no issues whatsoever

still on the fence about this product. I got it because the excess heat. as you may know excess heat is no bueno for terpine production. so I thought I could use this to conter the heat. if that's your problem I can tell you there are no miracles. you're probably better off buying kelp, silica and humic acid to combat the heat itself. heat will cook away the precursors needed for terpine production. I will use this product again during cooler temps before calling it snake oil. in cooler temps I still have some hope but this was my first time using it so that's the only thing I can speak on and I wasn't impressed. maybe next time, if not then I won't be using buying/using this anymore

Commented by DaSofaSurfer DaSofaSurfer

overall and given the harsh summer I'm very happy with how this strain preformed. good potency, aroma/flavour. the effects are mostly body high, pure coughlocky really. good results and very easy to grow. will be recommending this fine genetic from Sweet Seeds.

Grow Questions
DaSofaSurfer week 2 started grow question 10 months ago
I don't have neem oil or soap killing insects. I'd like to know if I can use a commun house hold insecticide suitable for plants as my plants are still in first week of flower. I believe insects came in soil.No leaf damage yet but I don't want the number of insects out of control
Other. Bugs
Show all Answers (3)
MadeInGermany answered grow question 10 months ago
Hi bro ;-) as long as there are no real flowers, you can use it. But no longer as soon as there are flowers :-) keep growing growie :muscle::skin-tone-2::seedling:
DaSofaSurfer week 5 started grow question 9 months ago
dehumidifier not working.
My question is what happens if I keep growing without it. With humidity in the 60s.
Will it hurt my yield?
Will I just be more susceptible to bud rot, mildew and other fungi?
Or will it affect actual quality? (Aroma/potency)
Other. Other
Show all Answers (1)
gmslave answered grow question 9 months ago
High humidity in flower will decrease the levels. Drier conditions makes more triclomes. Yield should not be affected but yes much higher chance of bud rot
Gr33nFi3ld week 11

Well done man! A well deserved win! :clap::clap::clap:

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@Gr33nFi3ld, lol :sweat_smile:

I hear ya Growmie ! picking is sooo HARD !! especially when everything looks so damn good. :face_with_monocle:

you need to do this tho u can't go wrong picking - they all have something to offer. I do wish they'd put more info on the effects we can expect from each strain :thinking_face:

these were my pics, I tried to get a balanced pick :

I been feeling blessed ... the good ppl at greenhouse seed co also came thru in a big way (those I actually received) big bags of bio. each one is almost 100 bucks. I got more bubba slush (best strain I've grown in 2020) also hawaiian snow (I smoked it and lived the pure sativa vibes) and cloud walker looks so sick . I should send u a couple cloud walkers tbh. check it out:

I wish I had a bigger growspace, had more lights and lived in a legal juristiction, then I'd get real busy and do some WORK and give veterans and elderly ppl who need it free weed. maybe one day :man-shrugging:

I don't live anywhere near the iberic peninsula do you?


@DaSofaSurfer, not yet as I'm still picking which ones I want lol I'm indecisive


@Gr33nFi3ld, have u received 'em yet? I have them my picks but still waiting for the goods

Forasteroloco week 11

DasofaSurfer your diary is helping me a lot in my first crop.
Thank you very much
Congratulations on that harvest, now comes the best part of everything, enjoy it friend!!!


@Forasteroloco, very nice of you. thank you for stopping by to see my diary. i can help you with something else tell me because i will do it by grade.
good luck with your colleague. may the Gods of cannabis bless you with many and Great harvestes. luck!