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Dr. Jynx Perpetual OG Kush #3.x

9 months ago
LED / 450W V450
LED / 600W VT600
LED / 450W V450
LED / 600W VT600
Top Crop
Room Type
Grow medium
weeks 1,2,...
week 2
week 1
weeks 8,15
Dinafem - OG Kush
OG Kush

Growing it




This is the first time we complete a Grow Diary and the reason we choose OG Kush is because they really are very easy plants to grow. We have a fantastic phenotype mother that provides shorter and bushier plants, very convenient for our tiny 60x60cm tents, and making clones this time was really easy.

We started with 25 clones in the bubbler and 65% rooted and from them 88% survived the transplant. We picked the best looking 6 and transplanted them onto 24 liter fabric pots and flipped to 12/12 the same day. They stretched for about two or tree weeks and started flowering.

Around week #3 of flowering we tied them down to the pots, to help spreading a little bit. The only issue this time was they were really short and bushy, so watering was a pain.

As we had 6 plants, this time we harvested them in batches in different weeks, allowing the plants to be outside in the sun while enjoying the very cold (almost freezing) winter, this helped a lot with the already very purple/black colours on the buds and sugar leaves.

Buds from the earlier tree weeks wake you up and are very motivating and uplifting, buds from the last weeks have a distinct smell, not so piney but more pungent, and it's amazing to get to sleep.

Tested with dried and cured buds from previous weeks, on joints, glass pipe, and both the Arizer SOLO and Arizer GO. Amazing white smoke, strong, pure flavour, still kind of harsh because needs more curing but they really make your mouth wet while rolling another spliff :)

Also recovered 80 grams of pure frosted sugar leaf and made 200gr of a very strong cannabutter, huge effect but very insomnia inducing, not what I wanted this time, will save it for "party cookies" instead of "sleep cookies".

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
6 plants
Number of plants harvested
1050 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
60% Sativa
40% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry eyes

We used Top Crop products during the complete grow cycle, and we're really happy with the results.

As always, we try to go with more diluted feed schedules, we have very little rundown every time, and we recycle and keep our "perpetual" soil happy and healthy, so we try to avoid flushing or wasting nutrients.

We used Deep Underground during the initial weeks after transplanting, and Top Veg during the first weeks of vegging (but remember we were already on 12/12). Then switched to Bloom after showing the first flowers, and a mixture of Bloom + Candy and then just Candy at the end.

The reason we keep trusting Top Crop products is how good our plants look compared with other products, and the amazing smell and trichome they help to produce.


Excellent yields as every time, if we had the budget we would definitely get another 600w to replace the 450w and then move that 450w to another Mother/Clone room.

Commented by DrJynx86 DrJynx86

We have just three strains that are "perpetual" on our grow setup, and while we have tested a huge amount of them, we always keep a Dinafem OG Kush mother because we're sure the clones are going to root really fast, they're going to endure the transplant with no issues, and will produce packed, short, really bushy plants that will be full of huge, fist sized buds, frosty looking packed with sticky trichomes.

Just a breeze-like touch on the buds will make them smell a lot like pine and citrus, and as they get older and more mature the smell will get pungent, earthy and cheesy, totally changing the smoke experience and flavours.

The "Goods" of the grow and what we did like it most and try to at least repeat next time:

1) Got a lot better with focus stacking in Photoshop, and got a better workflow to make sure the best macro pictures are taken from a huge amount of shots, maximizing the quality of the cropped details. This takes a lot of processing time but patience is key during all the process so the more patient the better, always.

2) Managed to test the OG Kush strain during the last 6 weeks of flowering, by harvesting a plant per week from week #8 to #13. We documented and pictured each week so in the future we will better adjust the grow cycles depending on the desired effects. Also we managed to collect enough data to compare equal grows during different seasons, concluding this grow took a lot longer than the summer one, the plants were a lot darker, and the effects and overall results are better at lower temperatures.

The "Bads" of the grow and where to get better for the next time:

1) We still have issues with red spider mites, this time we didn't mist the buds with neem+potasic soap because the past grow we had some bud rot and mold, and really the spiders don't do much damage besides ruining the pictures. We will double down on using diatomaceus earth and brushing them down, plus hoping the cold weather keeps them controlled.

2) We didn't respect our own "protocols" when moving some plants inside after transplanting this time (no bug checking or bug spraying), just to get some silly pictures of some lady bugs, and in the process there was a black aphid infestment late during flowering, luckily it affected just 1/6 plants and a tiny portion of regular leaves, so not bud touched.

3) The girls didn't stretch as much as the previous grow, so it was a pain to water. We took care of this on the current Royal Cookies diary by letting them grow straighter for longer time, and doing some bottom defoliation.

Hope you liked this grow, and stay for the next ones, as always, if you like or dislike something, and you make us know, we will do our best to get better, and we're also always available to help, just send us your questions and we will do the best to help.

First completed diary, for many more! :) :) :)

Happy smokes!


Grow Questions
DrJynx86 week 8 started grow question 12 months ago
Will you defoliate them further?
In your experience, will you defoliate them further? They are 20 days old.
Thank you!
Techniques. Defoliation
Nor_Cal_Kannabliss answered grow question 12 months ago
Nope! I think they look perfect! No need to do anymore! Everything looks exposed and your girls look beautiful!! Straight up yummie! Great job! Happy Growing!
DrJynx86 week 16 started grow question 10 months ago
Peak Amber Trichomes - Macro Pictures
What is your prefered amber percent for harvesting OG Kush and similar strains?

What do you think? One or two weeks more seems right.
Buds. Other
Other. Other
Show all Answers (1)
Experimentgreen answered grow question 10 months ago
Ooooo wheee those are some good photos thank you for that. I personally like mine to be about 20% amber, but I usually go off the vibe from each individual plant, some I've harvested with less amber and some with more. But I don't like to get anxious weed so i usually wait till i at least don't see much glassy ones...dominantly milky and then evaluate the amber.
Yours looks like it has passed the 20% marker...if it was my plant, I'd be doing a mild flush and cutting her down here very soon....within the next week.
Happy harvesting. :v:
HazeyBobby week 17

Cracking harvest - really great work :ok_hand: those buds look wonderful and a great report to read :+1:
That trichome macro shot with all the mite webs is something :man-facepalming:


@HazeyBobby, thank you my friend!

Really glad you enjoyed, and hoping to keep those pesky mites away in the future! They look disgusting, but only from very close up, this shows the quality of the macro shots!

Happy smokes!

DrJynx86 week 17

Day #89 Update: I still have an OG Kush to harvest! Trying to produce one for insomnia treatment, so leave her to amber mostly completely!

Don't know if I will be chopping tomorrow, but at least I can upload a macro update of the trichomes for all the enthusiasts!

Happy smokes!