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3 days ago
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Transplant time from 1Gallon pot to 10gallon pot. hate to move her . She is so happy.
Dug a hole. Added 1cup water with a dash of organic Aloe gel in it And also covered the roots in Mycorrhizal added some to the space.
There she is in her new sanitized home. Such a big pot but she filled it out nicely - low rider with al the LST I have been doing.
She looks beautiful from the top. Looks can be deceiving. I found some suspicious signs of mite. Had to use my trusty Marajuana Garden Saver Book by Ed Rosenthal.
Looks funny from the side with all those tie downs.
My new fav pest check-tool. came with three magnified strengths. Needs to be stronger for Russet mites though and I am pretty sure that is what I am dealing with. OMG!
here is the item. I will leave the link below in comments for anyone who would like to grab one of these. It has it's own light and is very helpful for pest detection.
Larger size- less mag.
Damaged leaf. So far I found only three.
Another one. Russet mite activity
More russet mite munching.
An egg. Gross.
So, here is an interesting fact. These guys have been with me a while. The twisted growth of these original leaves from when it was a li'l clone were preplexing to me but now that I have read this book I have I know that it was an early sign of infestation. My plant was HEALTHY and was fighting them off well until transplant when it was weekend by stress and got taken by the infestation more. Then I started to actually see devastation. They begin at the bottom of the stems and work their way up.
Tested a home made hordiculture soap and planned to use it next day. lost two more leaves over night. (not horrible) sprayed my home made blend but next day when I say more FASTER damage decided to try Azamax.
Azamax it is. never used this product before.
The mites have damaged the stems and are working their way up. hadn't noticed how severe this was before.
You can see the healthy green, bamboo-like stem on left side and golden, scaly damaged stem on right.
see the bottom of the stem. So sad.
Don't know whats worse the mites or the damage Azamax did to my plant. The clawing leaves is from the foliar spray and soil drench. Followed directions for dilution.
All the new growth is clawed down and a lighter color. Soil PH has become very very alkaline at 8 or maybe even more...the needle doesn't go that far. I read TONS of review of people that had the same issues with PH after using the soil drench and foliar spray with AZAMAX and then some plants never recovered and still had the russet mites.
Very sad about this.
as of today the plant won't even dry out and is even over watered due to nute lock out. The soil drench she doesn't want. Grower's Recharge was in with the Azamax it is worthy of note but not the reason for this issue according to all I read.
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Commented by Aromagurl Aromagurl
6 months ago

This week has been disheartening that is for sure. To go from a healthy plant that took to transplanting with ease and then to find that there is another mite infestation was just frustrating. Then the guy I got this clone from writes me after seeing me pose on Instagram he has been dealing with red mites and russet mites for a while now. Probably came with these too I am guessing considering the growth was abnormal from the beginning. Considering this is my first grow I was shocked she was still alive but I am hopeful she can recover. I am planning to give her a kelp foliar spray to help her immune system and give her a little boost and then let it dry. Then I will be forced to try a different approach for mites. I was hoping to have an enzyme spray to use but haven't gotten it in the mail. The hydro store locally might have one but I have been to ill to drive there. I have some "SMITE" on hand but that stuff has failed me on more than one occasion already. I must choose wisely because whatever I use I can't then use anything else for a few days. When I went down there today 8-23 the damage had doubled from yesterday. All the leaves near the main stem are showing damage now. It is as though the Azamax made it worse. I don't get it. Something made it worse. UGH.

LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass (3-Lens (2.5X + 5X + 16X)

Grow Questions
Aromagurl week 9 started grow question 6 months ago
Help. Heat stress? Russet mites for sure. Can she recover? Please look at grow diary 9weeks. I am so new at this and had such trouble with CBDream. Such a touchy medicine plant. Was a weak clone to begin with (now i know) but I could really use advice about recovery.
Leaves. Curl down
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Aromagurl answered grow question 6 months ago
My bad with the lights on the soil. I read bout living soil and roots. I cooked the roots. :( so sad. I was wrong about too much water. Thought nute-lock but no.(that's why i was trying to dry soil) It was actually the mite treatments I think that were the cue de gras. It recovers in a day or so. back to having a healthy smell again and leaves start to look better. sensitive stomata? LIGHTS: turning light intensity up & adding lights for heat on fabric pot was BAD. So, looked at Spyder farm recommends 60-90%. Went one cycle with 80%. last PM. Will check today. can go back up to 85%. Seams to do well there. (before Russet invasion) I have heard of stretching due to light being too weak or far away. When I looked up forums -THANK YOU- (growweedeasy) & articles I learned that long lanky growth can be heat stress too. Too many similar visible symptoms can mean same things. FYI: Removed fan on soil. Hope the one oscillating isn't too much (windburn).
Aromagurl answered grow question 6 months ago
Thank you so much! I thought Nitrogen tox too but this is living organic soil(water only). I did give a kelp foliar spray 7 days ago and noticed nit-tox I thought? Residual signs I think now? with living soil not supposed to ever have run off or flush. The organisms in the soil will die. The soil has dried out to "moist" which is "healthy" for microbes. I agree that I DX wrong with most of this. I think multi-things R wrong. I am just so new and no experience. I noticed when spraying "Plant Therapy" for russet Mites the plant reacted right away by curling more yesterday. Sat and observed for 10min. It was immediate. Had that clawing right after Azamax too. (most of you are right I think--too many things going wrong at once) If I make too many changes I won't know what helped the plant'. I know too much heat on roots for certain now after reading up on living soil, root issues and watering practices or living microbes.
DeadwebsiteBoringcommunity answered grow question 6 months ago
This doesn't have the outward leaf curl that is common with heat stress.. This can be heat stress.. But it's not the high or the low we worry about so much as the fluctuations.. If your Cannabis is somewhere in the ballpark of 20-30 degrees it can most likely Acclimatize to it's growing space..... I was pleasantly surprised on my last grow with the ability of 4 plants to handle heat stress well in excess of 30 degrees with minor amounts of supplement Co2. A tall and lanky plant is in my opinion and sign of not enough light... If you have high heat and low light then it would do the exact same thing.. If you had high light and high heat.. Your rates of transportation(water intake) would increase. Cannabis can handle exceptional amounts of light.. Your misunderstanding what you are observing..
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