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2 weeks ago
Cbdream Custom Breeder & Strain
Down To Earth
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Soil has been having a hard time drying but the min I put a warm light bulb on the fabric pot and keep the root zone at about 80deg she starts to suck up water and finally grow again. strange. I know her PH is still all wrong. ugh. I am going to get to that in a bit.
Finally in contact with a horticulturist who is absolutely amazing. I owe her so much. Tanglefoot has slowed the mite damage but 80% . Amazing.
multi nute deficiencies due to soil ph. Very alkaline.
look'in rough.
massive defoliation
awwww. so sad now that all those leaves are gone. what I didn't know is that they would change color when the PH came around and it took advantage of the super soil. This has made it a lot easier to foliar spray and kick the mites butts.
Look at all those leaves. I am crying I think.
one day after defoliation and she is filling in
lights off temps
lights on temps
my decontam mats. I sterilize these mats after every time I go into the tent. ready for the next entry. I enter with tent clothing on and nothing from outside.
Tanglefoot still going strong. I will redo this in a day or so.
Even with all the damage on the leaves back lit she looks perty
haha. can you tell I just watered her. Ugh. wilt wilt wilt. silly gal. Only two quarts in that 10gal pot.
me and the plant.
lots of new growth
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Commented by Aromagurl Aromagurl
5 months ago

The recommendation of Tanglefoot (link below) was the best advice in addition to SULFUR. The sulfur is making me sick but saving my plant. I will have to get the proper protective equipment for myself but the mites are slowly knocking down in population. It is amazing. I started with Safer brand Sulfur product 12%. This week it was every other day to really knock those guys down a bit.

It did huge wonders for some of the deficiencies the plant AND the mites were just barely there too. Wow. I was waiting to get to the Hydro store to grab micronized sulfur (approx 99%)so I could make a more concentrated dilution with yucca as sufficient. I read tons of info in some agro articles for organic farming on sulfur usage both in the put for drenching and also for dusting and foliar spraying.

This is the Safer brand product I started using that worked very well. Is not OMRI so partly why I went with micronized sulfur when I found that and also because the dilution can be higher if needed. More on that to come.

Midweek report:
Very little in terms of Mite damage. A few Tacoed leaves and mostly just nutrient deficiencies are super visible now. Added pellet sulfur that will act on the soil through time. But needed to effect the PH right now so for the nutrients and some PH benefit (know now that it is a myth that coffee GROUNDS acidify soil, according to some organic growers.) I added a top dressing of fresh coffee ground to the top of the soil for nutritive benefit as well as Kelpmeal for recovery. About 3 tbsp of Coffee grounds btw. She is looking better every day.

When I took the lamp off her roots (pot) she was hesitant to pick up water. When i increased the airflow by adding a second intake and added the warmth back to the root system she started drinking again. So, I still stand by this strain liking her roots nice and warm. I am positive with how big she is getting that the air just needed to refresh faster since I am not using an actual intake fan.

Amendments are coming:
Once she started drinking and growing again (PH---unlocked some fud for her) . I was able to water again and did so gingerly. 2 pints with Growers recharge and 50 percent diluted coffee. As soon as this kicked in she was even happier due to the acidity. it only raised the soil to about a PH7. Good enough for her stems to feel less like wood. Leaves to start to green instead of stripes. (I had no idea they would fix themselves like that--probably defoliated too much based on leaves I thought were damaged--hey this is all so new to

Conclusion: Temp intent has gone up quite a bit. daytime is now at 77deg. Temps outdoors are cold so my gas furnace is kick'in and the basement heats more than the house. Humidity is low down there (contrary to the usual basement sitch) so I have two humidifiers going on ea side of the tent. working well with the Inkbird auto system for humidity. Added a second intake to blow cool air on the Meanwell driving (Spiderfarmer LED light) Very hot up there right now.

is now the intake fan for the extra intake.

Pix to come. Bonide micronized sulfur is saving my plant in Veg. Dr. Zymes will be part of IPM going into flower. If you can vaporize sulfur that is okay to do in flower from what I understand. Helps with preditors and also mildew.

This is the tanglefoot I used. Use a very strong plastic wrap for under it. if it won't stick just tape it with a low tack tape so you can get it off after. Getting this stuff off your skin is rough. They say to use baby oil or an or oil extract (I had goo gone on hand but don't leave that on your skin. not good for ya. wash with lots of natural soap. ) wearing gloves is highly recommended. I used a plastic disposable knife (the blunt side) to apply. works great and then you can throw it away.

Grow Questions
Aromagurl week 9 started grow question 6 months ago
Help. Heat stress? Russet mites for sure. Can she recover? Please look at grow diary 9weeks. I am so new at this and had such trouble with CBDream. Such a touchy medicine plant. Was a weak clone to begin with (now i know) but I could really use advice about recovery.
Leaves. Curl down
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Aromagurl answered grow question 6 months ago
My bad with the lights on the soil. I read bout living soil and roots. I cooked the roots. :( so sad. I was wrong about too much water. Thought nute-lock but no.(that's why i was trying to dry soil) It was actually the mite treatments I think that were the cue de gras. It recovers in a day or so. back to having a healthy smell again and leaves start to look better. sensitive stomata? LIGHTS: turning light intensity up & adding lights for heat on fabric pot was BAD. So, looked at Spyder farm recommends 60-90%. Went one cycle with 80%. last PM. Will check today. can go back up to 85%. Seams to do well there. (before Russet invasion) I have heard of stretching due to light being too weak or far away. When I looked up forums -THANK YOU- (growweedeasy) & articles I learned that long lanky growth can be heat stress too. Too many similar visible symptoms can mean same things. FYI: Removed fan on soil. Hope the one oscillating isn't too much (windburn).
Aromagurl answered grow question 6 months ago
Thank you so much! I thought Nitrogen tox too but this is living organic soil(water only). I did give a kelp foliar spray 7 days ago and noticed nit-tox I thought? Residual signs I think now? with living soil not supposed to ever have run off or flush. The organisms in the soil will die. The soil has dried out to "moist" which is "healthy" for microbes. I agree that I DX wrong with most of this. I think multi-things R wrong. I am just so new and no experience. I noticed when spraying "Plant Therapy" for russet Mites the plant reacted right away by curling more yesterday. Sat and observed for 10min. It was immediate. Had that clawing right after Azamax too. (most of you are right I think--too many things going wrong at once) If I make too many changes I won't know what helped the plant'. I know too much heat on roots for certain now after reading up on living soil, root issues and watering practices or living microbes.
DeadwebsiteBoringcommunity answered grow question 6 months ago
This doesn't have the outward leaf curl that is common with heat stress.. This can be heat stress.. But it's not the high or the low we worry about so much as the fluctuations.. If your Cannabis is somewhere in the ballpark of 20-30 degrees it can most likely Acclimatize to it's growing space..... I was pleasantly surprised on my last grow with the ability of 4 plants to handle heat stress well in excess of 30 degrees with minor amounts of supplement Co2. A tall and lanky plant is in my opinion and sign of not enough light... If you have high heat and low light then it would do the exact same thing.. If you had high light and high heat.. Your rates of transportation(water intake) would increase. Cannabis can handle exceptional amounts of light.. Your misunderstanding what you are observing..
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