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2 days ago
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Grow medium
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Tons of defoliation of all the burnt leaves
Brown tips on new growth.
rumpled leaves due to all the massive changes she has endured. Poor gal.
Oh my.
Side view of the damage---No vinegar every of this amount. Too aggressive. Live and learn.
green runs in......this leaf was yellowish with brown edges. strange looking now. will die more than likely.
green runs in
tiny new growth--VERY SLOW TO GROW
night time her thin but wide situation
daylight her sad damaged situation
new growth might be tiny but it is something
new growth
tiny new growth
Ph reading
that stem used to be purple. Hm. getting something to eat anyway.
Defoliation every day now until all damage is gone.
Sulfur on plant. I'll put a link to the product. Use info too.
Wettable sulfur. Old agro answer to PD and Mites from way back (much more too)
Grow Conditions
Week 18
18 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
Day Air Temperature
Air Humidity
Night Air Temperature
Night Air Temperature
Pot Size
Pot Size
Lamp To Plant Distance
Lamp To Plant Distance
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Grow Technique Usage
Commented by Aromagurl Aromagurl
4 months ago

She is looking rough from all the PH flux and burned leaves from the (horrible thing I did) vinegar water I gave her in a quick attempt to bring the PH down. NEVER DO THIS. If you would do this don't do it in the dilution I found a gardener offering up online. My goodness! (1/2cup to 1gallon) . Crazy!

On Sunday, at the beginning of the week, I decided to wash the plant with a weak solution of #doctorzymes and then go with a foliar spray for recovery. Some of this foliar spray thankfully was recommended to me by one of my mentors.
Humic acid concentrate, Aloe vera (100% gel) 1/8 cup into 1/2 gal foliar container, Water-soluble Kelp fine powder 1/4 tsp (organic)
*Applied after plant wash had been applied and mostly dried.

PH 6
Pot is liftable but still heavy. Soil is damp. 1" in with my pinky
Leaves are starting to turn green. Growth is still slow.

The main vent fan is still on low but I have a feeling if I turn it on med to high to increase airflow and thus CO2 potential that the plant will do better with respiration. I am so new at this that I have NOT found a happy place for the settings yet and my plant suffers as a result but this is my "learning plant" so she is definitely a spectacle. . the curve is great but I study every day most of my days and It feels as though I am back in school. LOL. Reading what is going on with her by all the things she is saying through her leaves, smell, saturation of her soil, and PH of her super soil is something I am just barely starting to understand.

PH of the soil was 5 (hm. Acidic?) ---PH isn't regulating because the microbes aren't staying alive= dead soil.
Soil was drying due to increased airflow and also temps in the house went up due to temps outside going down. Furnace creates a pretty hot environment down there in the basement. 3 Quarts saturated the soil but no run off which is the goal of attempting "#livingsoil".
Added #growersRecharge at higher dilution than usual. As suggested by the manufacturer.
1/2 tsp per 1/2 gal
#growtentventilation #newcannabisgrower #controllinggrowtentclimate #
added yucca extract to the water for better absorbtion

It was IPM day (part of my schedule anyway) 5 days since treatment with foliar. no signs of #russetmites .
#doctorzymes foliar and let dry and then #wettablesulfur as a barrier hours later and hours to dry before the light came on.
Don't normally do them on the same day but she is looking sulfur deficient and this does always help with that #micronutrient issue.

Soil PH=7
The pot is medium to heavy in weight. Not much new growth at all and looks nitrogen toxic which is strange. Floppy leaves and that dark green is very, very dark green. strange that even the burnt leaves which are now "crispy" are infused with a very dark green color. they are dying yet the plant is giving them whatever nutrients she is picking up at the new PH.

Still not a living soil if the PH is fluxing all over the place. geesh.
I will get it ! I have faith.

1Q W Epsom
8pm 2 pints with recharge (1/2 tsp per 1/2 gal dilution)
Also 10ml humic acid
(bottle calls for 20-30ml=went lightly)

At 1pm --Happened to go into the tent to check things. usually, wait till right before lights out. (3pm)
there's new growth today.--not a lot but more than just stagnant lockout.
The pot was very light to lift and it almost felt like it didn't have any water at all.---at 1pm. I felt strongly that even though she had a lot of daylight left I had to give her water NOW before rushing out to an apt. I happened to have some water nearby that was acidic (meant for those really alkaline days with a tiny bit of Epsom salts in there for minerals and will help with PH) so I gave her one quart pH 5.5 with the epsom salts in it.

One teaspoon per gallon dilution for the Epsom. it has helped in the past for her.

8pm went back into the tent during lights-off and added 2 pints with #growersrecharge (1/2 tsp per 1/2 gal dilution)
Also 10ml humic acid (to help with the absorption of nutrients and balance PH
(bottle calls for 20-30ml=went lightly)

Saturday - end of week 18
I watched a few specials on how to use the type of PH probe that I have. I haven't been exactly doing it right and thought I could get a more accurate idea of PH if I did it the way they say to do on several gardening sites. they recommend taking 3 readings and averaging those together. They do recommend putting distilled water into a "hole" where you stick the probe in but my roots are thick and no "hole" will be dug in a small pot such as mine.
#readingph #phincontainers #indoorgardeningph #usingprobeforphreading #phprobe #properphreading #soilphprobe

So, here are my readings doing it this way (not much different)
PH readings 5 5 6
PH 5.3 avg

Lets talk wettable sulfur:
This is a post from my instagram

White crystals everywhere! No it's not snow. Haha. Don't say the "S" word. Pls. :confused:. Lol. #wetablesulfur
Being a #newcannabisgrower the #russetmites I've been fighting for months have been challenging me & my gal. I've tried many organic pest remedies & still they came in waves. #drzymes came highly recommended. They sent me samples! Go to their website 2oz #freesamples! part of my IPM ATM. That white powder :eyes:is bonide micronized sulfer. affordable & effective for #mites #pd etc. After 2 applications no SIGN OF THE BORG. what I didn't understand is HOW it works.:interrobang: IT changes the pH on the leaves but it also is an irritant to those tiny little monsters and their eggs. Leaving the dust on the plant & surrounding area, top of the soil 2, deters them. It irritates their bodies. It hurts their eggs:+1:. So, don't wash it off. I made that mistake. Now I understand I can go more days between spraying. I know I can't use it during flower after the first two weeks so I'm pondering what's next. #Doctorzymes can be used up to the day of harvest and even as a bud wash. Yahoo! I'm also excited to be using tanglefoot. It brought down the amount of damage I was seeing right away! I extremely thankful to Marybeth at doctors Zymes. @mbsipm I could not have come this far without her.:pray:I finally figured out a lot of the damage was #nutritionaldeficiencies. Easy target for #pests! PH in my soil was not in range. (6.5-7) from using Azamax =soil drench. My soil was healthy, and then it was dead. Now that I'm studying the #microbiome concept it's time to get my soil back from the dead. Would that be zombie soil?:ghost:
The plan: compost teas + beneficial microbes+proper airflow and environment +mulch.. Etc. Learning about proper amendments to balance the ph as it wavers. I made a huge mistake moving the PH down too quickly and burnt all my leaves. She is in recovery & has quite a thin canopy. been in veg for a while. Her footprint is huge in my 5x5. I'm patient with my #learning plant.#opalsapothecarium #organiccannabisgrower #spoonie #michigancannabisgrower

I found Bonide Sulfer 4lbs at my grow store for 9$.
(lasts a long time) WORKS!

Still have week 19 to post--things are looking up. :sunglasses:

Grow Questions
Aromagurl week 9 started grow question 6 months ago
Help. Heat stress? Russet mites for sure. Can she recover? Please look at grow diary 9weeks. I am so new at this and had such trouble with CBDream. Such a touchy medicine plant. Was a weak clone to begin with (now i know) but I could really use advice about recovery.
Leaves. Curl down
Show all Answers (4)
Aromagurl answered grow question 6 months ago
My bad with the lights on the soil. I read bout living soil and roots. I cooked the roots. :( so sad. I was wrong about too much water. Thought nute-lock but no.(that's why i was trying to dry soil) It was actually the mite treatments I think that were the cue de gras. It recovers in a day or so. back to having a healthy smell again and leaves start to look better. sensitive stomata? LIGHTS: turning light intensity up & adding lights for heat on fabric pot was BAD. So, looked at Spyder farm recommends 60-90%. Went one cycle with 80%. last PM. Will check today. can go back up to 85%. Seams to do well there. (before Russet invasion) I have heard of stretching due to light being too weak or far away. When I looked up forums -THANK YOU- (growweedeasy) & articles I learned that long lanky growth can be heat stress too. Too many similar visible symptoms can mean same things. FYI: Removed fan on soil. Hope the one oscillating isn't too much (windburn).
Aromagurl answered grow question 6 months ago
Thank you so much! I thought Nitrogen tox too but this is living organic soil(water only). I did give a kelp foliar spray 7 days ago and noticed nit-tox I thought? Residual signs I think now? with living soil not supposed to ever have run off or flush. The organisms in the soil will die. The soil has dried out to "moist" which is "healthy" for microbes. I agree that I DX wrong with most of this. I think multi-things R wrong. I am just so new and no experience. I noticed when spraying "Plant Therapy" for russet Mites the plant reacted right away by curling more yesterday. Sat and observed for 10min. It was immediate. Had that clawing right after Azamax too. (most of you are right I think--too many things going wrong at once) If I make too many changes I won't know what helped the plant'. I know too much heat on roots for certain now after reading up on living soil, root issues and watering practices or living microbes.
DeadwebsiteBoringcommunity answered grow question 6 months ago
This doesn't have the outward leaf curl that is common with heat stress.. This can be heat stress.. But it's not the high or the low we worry about so much as the fluctuations.. If your Cannabis is somewhere in the ballpark of 20-30 degrees it can most likely Acclimatize to it's growing space..... I was pleasantly surprised on my last grow with the ability of 4 plants to handle heat stress well in excess of 30 degrees with minor amounts of supplement Co2. A tall and lanky plant is in my opinion and sign of not enough light... If you have high heat and low light then it would do the exact same thing.. If you had high light and high heat.. Your rates of transportation(water intake) would increase. Cannabis can handle exceptional amounts of light.. Your misunderstanding what you are observing..
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