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Delilah - Peyote critical

4 years ago
HID / 250W
HID / 400W
LED / 1000W
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Grow medium
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Week 4
18 hrs
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Commented by MissFlowerPower420 MissFlowerPower420
5 years ago

This poor lil lady had me so bluddy worried , she went into total shock when I transplanted her , like my cbd blue shark which sadly didn't make it , I thought my peyote critical was gonna do same but I clung to hope n poured all my love n total devotion n prayers onto her n in her darkest hours I even bluddy sang to her ... NOW LOOK AT HER :grin::grin::grin: SHE HAS STARTED TO SPROUT NEW GROWTH :tada::tada::tada::tada: WHOOOOP .
I new she would pull through . She has turned that corner n the outcome is looking real good . I'm feeling so full of hope now.
Come on mammys lil gal we can do this !!!!!!

Grow Questions
MissFlowerPower420 week 8 started grow question 5 years ago
hi everyone .
i have started on the nutrients but im not sure how to go about it .
i have put 2ml of each nutrient in a litre of water .
ive read the instructions on bottles but cant make head nor tail or it all .
so my question is ... am i using too much or not enough ??
Techniques. Defoliation
Stick answered grow question 5 years ago
Hi @MissFlowerPower ! I think it's a bit "hot", especially for a first meal, you should do it step by step, start with 1/4 of the recommended doses, then see how the plants react, if everything looks good you can increase to 1/2 for a week or two, then 3/4 if your babies are healthy and responding well. Hope this helps, I'll be around, keep us up-to-date and happy growing!
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MissFlowerPower420 week 4

I've been watching YouTube videos on mainlining n tho it seems easy enough it's daunting as a 1st timer lol . I have a new problem atm . My landlord is coming tomorrow so I need to dismantle my tent n hide my ladies . The attic seems the safest place but it's dark n they could be in there a few hours I'm hoping that this won't do too much damage to my fragilist baby

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@MissFlowerPower420, my little cutting did indeed re-veg and is now growing very funny looking non-serrated leaves. Added a picture to my April's Peyote Critical (clones) diary. :blush:


@MissFlowerPower420, I have to remind myself to take more clones from now on. First round didn't go well, second round had to be killed due to being male - the Peyote Critical pair that has now finally picked up growing was the 3rd attempt! I've just taken a cutting from a plant in flower. It doesn't have much in terms of flowers, it was a low branch that didn't get any light. Going to see if it re-vegs. :blush:


@Chamalla, defo want clones from all 3 :grin:

Removed week 4

Looking a lot better this week isn't she.. your new growth is a little unusual though.. (not in a bad way) looks like your going to start with 2 colas instead of 1.. looks like she has been topped


@MissFlowerPower420 I know, I just meant thats how she looks aha.. plant mutations seem quite comon at the moment but its the first time i have seen one like this! when it comes to the training, mainlining should be easier for you though yes as you should be able to start a little sooner and won't have to top her.. if you were to top her you'd have twice as much to do as normal though because you have 2 tops already, being able to start it earlier as long as your careful should help you to strengthen her up a little more too giving her thicker and stronger branches


@Gl420grower, not been topped . She went into shock after I transplanted her . I was thinking her growth was unusual from other 2 I have n not seen anyone on here with anything similar . Which makes me think that mainlining ( if I got it right ) will be a lot easier to do with her than the other 2 .