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MarcXL started grow question 8 months ago
Looking at those biggest leaves in week 2, I often see some leaves that aren´t straight but twisted like a ships propeller.
Where does this come from? Is this a first sign of further problems? Should I do something against that?
Affects also my other plants, not only this strain.
indoor 24k gold
13 weeks
indoor 24k gold MarcXL
24k Gold
10 comments · 5 months ago
Week 2
Leaves. Twisted
MadeInGermany answered grow question 8 months ago
Hey buddy :-) the Ph is just ok for soil :-) in this phase it is best to go down to 6.3 - 6.2 and in bloom to 6.0. your humidity is perfect, we still need information about the ec value and the watering behavior :-) keep it up your plant is beautiful :heart_eyes::+1:
Removed answered grow question 8 months ago
Hi, gardener! This is because your soil is loaded with fertilizer so your little plants are shocked and the first leaves are deformed but as you usually see the leaves that grow then return to their classical shape. It's just a reaction to the fertilizer you will see that if you plant it all in a less fattening you will be able to see leaves grow normally. Good luck bella ciao
GreenCooker answered grow question 8 months ago
Too much high PH for Coco, thats mean that you can't reach perfectly all the nutrients, ideal is sweet spot through 5.5 - 5.9

also, this def is tipically from calcium then you need to add calmag here even to reach saturation of Coco medium
HappySkunk answered grow question 8 months ago
I’m not an expert - so see if you can wait for a second opinion. For me my plants twist and turn when they’re heat stressed or too close to the light. I had some really bad leaves myself in week 2, but after moving up the lights a bit and giving them some time to grow, they straightened out again.