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doitforlovenotmoney started grow question 3 years ago
i have a non sealed room....(14x20x7') (only less than half of which is used for growth.)
i have a four burner co2 generator.
Can someone direct me to information about using a co2 generator in a non sealed, active exhaust room containing 4 1k watt air cooled lights .
Week 2
Techniques. Defoliation
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Very BIIIIIG your setup........And a unbelievable jungle. got to read first before i answer your question. At the moment a am a bitt worried got to select the input... a lots of bottles and plants.. how do you take control=? its a BIIIg theme even using an CO2 generator....maybe read by yourself... i found always the recommomdation to seal the area.......
DasBoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey i had a similar question. you want to have CO2 when the lights are on especially during veg, and you never what to turn off your lights, if you can isolate the space it's for the better, but either way you're doing well to keep the CO2 running usually a bottle is good enough for 50 square meters, and the height doesn't really matter as the CO2 falls towards the ground anyway. you wanna get your root areas exposed, the assummption is that it will get sucked out by the fan through the leaves anyway. You'll see it will dial in your humidity aswell. If you can set them up above folks say that's better but i've never had issues setting it on the floor :rocket: good luck with that ! :rocket: