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Aldanil started grow question 4 years ago
Between days 5 & 7 looks like no growth. Picture from day 7, shows light green spots. Is this something to worry about? If so, what can I do? Thanks!
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Soul Healing Aldanil
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Week 1
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OutForReal answered grow question 4 years ago
Hello ! I can see that you are watering your ladies every 2 days wich is a bit too much : you should try to settle a wet / dry cycle in your soil rather than keeping the soil moist , it will be better for the roots system to avoid any roots issue and will help the roots system to thrive better as suring the dry cycle the roots are searching dor water and nuts (so more and deeper roots). Do let it get pretty dry to the touch, but not enough for your soil to start shrinking away from the sides of the pot. About you green light spots I would not worry about it now , your plant is healthy even if a she's slower ( the water cycle is doing that to me) , she need to settle in the medium and most of the soil out there are pre-fertilize ( for the 2/3 first weeks) so you will not need to add extra nuts during the next week ( continue with Bio heaven & Root-juice ). I hope it will help you :grin::+1:
Stick answered grow question 4 years ago
Hi @Aldanil! I think you're over-feeding AND under-watering your seedlings. You should apply a wet/dry cycle with quick phases, each phase should last a few hours or a day max. Now about the nutrients, considering you're growing in soil, your medium already has enough nutrients for their 2 first fragile weeks. Too much nutrients & not enough water = best way to get salt buildups and toxicities. A root-stimulator can be useful but use it slightly and not in every waterings. I've been using BioBizz for a while and had great results using the following schedule: This schedule has been tested & approved by me & other growers around here with automatic strains. Would you give us your feedback in a few weeks? Happy growing :facepunch: