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CBDezz started grow question 3 years ago
I still have half of this girl outside and the temperatures are getting low at night. The lowest so far has been 5 C but this week they are predicting as low as 0. So I be concerned? what effect does the cold weather have on the plant.
Franko Lemon Cheese & Guerilla Glue
6 weeks
Franko Lemon Cheese & Guerilla Glue CBDezz
Franco's Lemon Cheese
22 comments · 3 years ago
Week 19
Techniques. Defoliation
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Cold temperatures are terrible for plants , anything under 15C becomes dangerous more than a day or so. Freezing temperatures are actually dangerous, if it freezes your plant will wilt and die simple as that. between freezing and 15C, the plant will stop growing, wilt, leaves will discolor, and its disease resistance will be lower ... eventually it will die, so don t leave it more than two days if you can ! You gotta keep it a bit warmer. Maybe build a greenhouse around the plant, it's surprisingly effective and can be quite cheap. Hope this helps ! :rocket: