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Rockin started grow question 3 years ago
There is alot of articles on what to look for in your plants when they are ready for harvest, i am trying to determine what i should be looking for at 2 weeks prior to harvest so i know when to stop nutrients and start with straight water flush for harvest!
12 weeks
Bud4Life Rockin
Northern Lights Auto
4 comments · 3 years ago
Week 9
Techniques. Defoliation
Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey There looking good!. Anyway factor in the breeders expected time and with that in mind watch for the hairs to start turning orange/brown also watch for the calyxes to start swelling up, some strains do it more than others. Then keep an eye on the older fan leaves as they will start yellowing (almost looks like Nitrogen. def.) due to the plant sucking all the stored nutes from there to send to the bud sites, Now there are times this won't happen due to being fed enough nutrients that it does not need nor want to pull it from the leaves, but generally it will happen. Once it is doing that and at least half if not a little more ~65-75% of the hairs are orange and not much new growth of white hairs you are most likely within a cpl weeks of harvest. Another good way is to watch the trichomes with a jewelers loupe or pocket microscope to see them turn from clear to mostly cloudy with some clear and you should be a cpl weeks out. I usually wont start using the microscope until most of the hairs have turned from snow white to orange, unless I cut a little sugar leaf off but the trich's on the sugar leaves seem to ripen a tid bit faster than the ones on the calyxes but it still gives a good idea of where the plant is at. So watching for those things and the breeders estimated time in mind you should be able to gauge when your about 2 weeks out. what I do when notice a little over half the hairs turning orange is start lowering the nutes a cpl mL/gal ever other day instead of just cutting them off right that day then once about 75% of the hairs are orange start to flush it seems to work well for me:+1: Plus as you grow a strain a time or two or grow a different strain that has similar traits you will kinda be able to judge it fairly accurate how far out just by looking it over real quick hope this help :+1:
Happy Growing:sunglasses:

The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
Well basically there a few guide lines to follow , firstly it will be hard to just determine when your plants are ready for harvest unless your experienced with the strain without either a "Portable microscope or a Magnifying glass at 30x or more" I say this because you can't see the trichomes true colour from the naked eye . This all comes down to preferences tho , if you want more of a body buzz type high your going to be looking to harvest when your trichomes are 80% milky 10% clear and 10% amber if the body buzz is what your after this is around when you wanna harvest them because even after you cut them down they continue to grow and ripen . If your going for that couch lock type stoned your going to want to wait for the trichomes to be 60% milky 35% amber and 5% clear , the more amber the trichomes are the more couch lock your high will feel . The down side is if you wait to long you will lose potency over time so its important to keep checking them almost daily . Here are some links to a portable microscope and a good magnifying glass you could use to check the trichomes you dont need these items however they will help greatly ! Portable Microscope :

And here is the link for a good magnifying glass that will do the job as well : of course these are just examples of something that would work and to give you an idea of what you need to check the trichomes . I hope this information helps you understand when you can harvest for what your looking for in terms of high , "couch lock or body buzz" and the various tools you can use to help you check your trichomes . Over all your lined up to have a nice harvest ! -Happy Growing!