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QualityBudMan started grow question 3 years ago
How late is too late for defoliation?
Diesel Fuel!!
11 weeks
Diesel Fuel!! QualityBudMan
Red Diesel
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Week 9
Techniques. Defoliation
The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
Defoliating late in flower is never a good thing stresses out the plant a little bit slowing down bud production . You can take a way a few leaves at a time if they are shading other bud sites but be sparing about this if you feel that you have to do it to many sites do a little bit wait a few days like 3-4 to see how your plant reacts then repeat this process until your happy . Usually people will do a heavy defoliation just before the start of flower in order to make the plant focus its energy to the growers needs . From what I can see in your diary you are well on your way to getting some kick ass medicine ! I hope this information helps you understand when to defoliate and when its acceptable to take a way a few leaves . -Happy Growing!
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
ok, easy Answer Way to late for that PLant. But you can do Leaf-tucking, Taking single Leaves whoo block the LIght to the Flowers
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey man just remember that defoliation for you is HST for the plant, tbh there's never many good reasons for defoliation plus you might just shock the plants enough to affect your yield. Just let them buff out real nice, you can pluck leaves off towards the end before the chop anyway. Hope this helps :rocket:
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
If you mean plucking a few leaves, then you can always do that. If you mean a serious hair cut, then it is recommend at 21 days of flowering and at 42 days of flowering, if it looks like it's necessary, when leaves are shading other leaves that feed lower buds. Defoliating just for the sake of it is not recommend.