I’m in South Africa and currently in the 2nd mon...

Trevorstarted grow question 6 years ago
I’m in South Africa and currently in the 2nd month of Spring. The temperatures range from 25 to 38 Celsius with 40 to 75% humidity. For how many hour per day should I give my plants direct sunlight under these conditions? TIA
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The_Projexxanswered grow question 6 years ago
You can leave your plants in direct sunlight all the time the only problem here is being in Africa its super super hot , so the ideal place to put those would be near a tree but in such a way that it gets direct sun as the sun rises then because of the tree will get some sun and shade in the afternoon (hottest part of the day) and will get more direct light towards the end of the day when the its cooler outside . The idea here is that you don't want your plants to burn they will adjust to your climate that's how plants are but you must help facilitate that for them . If for example you started those inside and by a window I would NOT leave them outside for more then a couple hours at a time and I would also put them in a shaded area to start moving them gradually so they get more direct sun and for longer lengths of time . The reason behind this is because plants can shock easily they get used to growing in a certain environment and climate and all of a sudden when that changes to drastically they don't respond well. If you take it slow and step by step with what I've suggested here you will have long living happy plants which will reward you for all your hard work ! I hope you find this information useful. - Happy Growing!
HiMonkeysanswered grow question 6 years ago
Hello buddy ! direct sunlight is a good things for our plants.. however if the tempature is too big and goes above 28 degrees what i would reccomend is... just keep it in shade but let it see the light and make sure its also not too cold at night as this happened to me once, this can shock your roots from what i read and experienced. I see you are growing an automatic plant so the more sunlight the better ! I like to keep mine under light for 20 hours but i am growing indoors, Hope i helped if you need anything feel free to contact me goodluck and happy growing !😊
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