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Migrow32 started grow question 4 years ago
So I’m in week 8 when do you think they are ready to harvest?
Week 8
Techniques. Defoliation
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
The best way to check it's with a jewelers loupe and see the thricomes. Short of that, wait until the calyxes have swelled and the hairs have turned dark. In your pictures the plant looks ready, I would give them a couple more of days and harvest
mad_scientist answered grow question 4 years ago
Hello @Migrow32. If you want to know for sure you need to check the trichomes with a microscope like this one ( ). Harvest when the trichomes are 80% milky-20% amber for a head high and 80% amber-20% milky for a body stone feeling. Personally if i didn't had a microscope i would let them 1 more week. Happy growing ! :facepunch:
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
Peak potency is at all cloudy no clears, ambers means they're oxidised so it's too late to get THC from them. You're looking to time the flush to maximised the potency, in soil you can get away with flushing with a flushing agent if you don't have time for a two week flush. Try to time the chop so your plants have enough water (if youre in a dry environment) or are dry enough (if you're in more humid environments). good luck crossing the finish line :rocket:
The_Projexx answered grow question 4 years ago
Truly at the end of the day it's all up to you , from what I can see here if they were mine I would continue to flower for 2-3 weeks . The orange hairs that you see means that some of the trichomes are clear then turn milky and some will be amber soon enough . Its really hard to tell with the naked eye but the general rule of thumb for many years has been if the hairs are turning orange then the trichomes are turning milkey and amber . The best way to determine this would be to get a portable micro scope that zooms 60-100x you can get them from amazon for like 3 $ this way when you get a good look at the trich's you can see if the head has started to turn amber . Once the trichome's hit 10% 15% amber its time to harvest ! If you do it sooner its not really a big deal but the 2 mains things that it will impact are yield because your cutting the length of time that the plant is growing and potency , how ever if you wait to long you can harm your yield and potency in the same manner. All in all these plants look really good ! I would wait about a week or 2 before harvesting them but thats 100% up to you :) I hope this information helps on your conquest to becoming a grow master ! -Happy Growing!
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 4 years ago
I see alot of white Hairs so i think they will have 3-4 weeks more. But the best way to find out is to watch trichomes. A good flowering takes minimum 7-8 weeks . The Maturation of the buds is in the last 2 weeks then the trichomes get cloudy/ amber. than you know when to hatvest