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Martian_D started grow question 3 years ago
Why is my growth so slowed? or am I on track for an autoflower outdoor grow (I doubt)? Its late spring entering into summer... an African summer with good light roughly 10hours direct sunlight a.t.m. Am I over watering? Any advice for now and going forward please help!!
nOObIAN outdoor auto
3 weeks
nOObIAN outdoor auto Martian_D
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Week 2
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EuphoricDiaries answered grow question 3 years ago
Whatsup Martian_D :) awesome to see another autoGiga going from G13 Labs. Also grew one myself not too long ago. And I’m also currently growing a little outdoor auto to understand how it grows outdoors (in a 20L Pot).
First off your growth is going perfectly fine there’s nothing to worry about there :D I’ve realized that with outdoor autoflowers they take quite long to establish themselves in their environment so you’ll definitely see slowed growth up until about week4/5 then it will explode in vertical height. This all comes along with the fact that you’re running 10 hours light compared to 20+ hours that they’ll usually get under a controlled lighting environment :)
As for watering I can recommend around 500ml of water every 1-2 days around the centre, up until week 3-4 depending on the size, how fast she’s drinking and on how hot it is outside :) from there I can recommend 2L every 2-3 days due to the intensity of the sun and heat in Africa :)
All in all for watering you’ll just have to get the just of it through practice and use the above mentioned as a guideline :)

Happy growing dude and sorry for the long post...
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi Martian, I will talk about Light. The things with Your growmedium Athos and Nugwitch already cleared. Think about buying an additional Light for your Girl. 100 Watts for your Girl should do it.Give her 6hours+ LIght and she will grow. Automaticplants need for their best development minimum 18 hours of LIght.
Lady_NugWitch answered grow question 3 years ago
Lot's of times when you see slow growth on top of the medium, they are working their root system too.... lighting like the folks above said.. lots of factors. Witchy wishes for a happy grow!
The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
Its growing slowly because your plants arent getting enough light per day cycle. Your trying to reach as close to 18 hours a day of light if you can If its an auto flower it makes less of an impact because they will just flower on their own how ever it is still recommended that you atleast get 12 hours of light in order for them to grow properly . 18 hours of light for veg then when you switch to 12 and 12 it triggers flowering but seeing as your outside its kinda hard to do that .I would suggest maybe facing them somewhere were they can get the most light everyday . You will still be able to grow your plant but it may take a little longer then expected . I hope this info helps you on your journey ! -Happy Growing!
Removed answered grow question 3 years ago
Outdoor growing tends to be more slow compared to indoor growing, mainly because indoors you have more light hours available, you can usually give 20 hours a day, compared to your current 10 hours a day. When I moved from outdoors growing to indoor growing, I could get the same amount of growth I had on 5 week outdoors in 2 weeks indoors. Watering is also a concern, seedlings need no more than 1 cup of water, that will last the baby plants 5 to 7 days outdoors; if you give them too much water then you prevent the roots form taking oxygen, literally drowning them, which force the plants to wait until the media dries up. Good luck