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Reaper started grow question 4 years ago
im on week 8 here didnt have ec meter all that time, now i see i gave only 300ppm weekly. now she got 950 ppm, will she burn or get better yield ?
Northern Light #2
4 weeks
Northern Light #2 Reaper
Northern Light Automatic
16 comments · 4 years ago
Week 8
Buds. Not fattening
KrautFabrik answered grow question 4 years ago
I wouldnt raise the ppm so fast. But at this stage a ppm up to 1000 is okay. Just keep watching here and you will see if she give you signs of oveefeeding (burning leafs).
I recommend to always check the outcoming drain after watering too, so you can controll the ppm and ph of your soil and plan the next feeding.
And your yield will be bigger with the right amount of nutrients. So there is always a to few and a to much. But i think you raise them at the right Time :+1:
Ps: dont forget to flush 2 weeks befor harvest.

Good luck :v:
CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
first of all : nice grow ! really good technique, the plant is healthy already. So the most important principle in growing is "do no harm" that means if it's going well, and you triple the feed or change something it's more likely to hurt than to help. What i can see is that your "basic feed" is for vegetation that means it has more N than PK . Now you want to switch the basic feed to a "bloom" or flower feed. so basic feed NPK is 10/3/3 , actually you want flower feed 3/10/10 ... or something like that ... does that make any sense ? you have too much N, i can see the leaves are "too green" and you want less N for flower. so what i can say right now is that more than tripling your feed will for sure lead to problems, including burnt tips but also N toxicity. this will for sure hurt your yield aka less yield. up the nutrients, yes but switch to flower nutrients. Hope this helps ! :rocket: