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Grass_slinger started grow question 3 years ago



•what do you think is the better method over all , personally I find a scrog net very restricting for maintainace and often still have to use supports for the chunky bud . Kane’s are good for weight and light but don’t offer much room for guiding growth?
2nd grow
11 weeks
2nd grow Grass_slinger
Phantom OG
8 comments · 2 years ago
Week 5
Techniques. Defoliation
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
I love the idea of a scrog and i want to test it on my outdoor this summer. However from my previous grows i noticed that I had to maneuver the plants various times...whether to defoliate, or just adjust things based on the plants needs. It was much easier to disassemble one bamboo at a time than i expect unwinding a 100 branches weaving through a net or screen. But so many people have amazing success with scrog so maybe the key is good planning, one way or another, if you plan ahead we may not need any adjustments, or far less anyway.
Good luck with whatever choice you make, I love peoples questions because it always reminds me that each grow is unique and an approach to a previous grow may not be right for this one. :v::green_heart::seedling:
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
None of them : LST !! Bend the stems with ropes around your pot , it offer you the possibility to move your pots individually and will help to build a solid shape :muscle::blush: