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Silverback_Guerilla started grow question 3 years ago
Has anybody had any luck and/or experience with those RapidLED Far Red Initiator Pucks?
I'm gonna be growing autos primarily, so not looking to recreate the Emerson Effect, but rather just accelerate growth.
Week 7
Techniques. Defoliation
mad_scientist answered grow question 3 years ago
The Emerson effect is by its own means a growth acceleration ! What actually the Emerson effect tells you is that there are to photo systems working at red bands. The one works with the red band and the other with the far red band but when those two photo systems working together at the right ratio you can achieve 10 - 14 % higher photosynthesis rate. Most of the lights have a little far red output so you are basically recreating the Emerson effect but not at its perfect. As far as i remember the perfect ratio is R/FR 10/8 but i am not sure for that. Another way to use the far red since you have autos and you don't want to initiate the flowering is to achieve higher photosynthesis by making longer day times without effecting the regeneration rates at night time ( despite the fact that some growers have a 24/24 cycle at autos ). When you have a far red light open after the regular lights close the plant gets to the night time regeneration mode much faster so you can wake it up earlier. So for example if you were making a 20/8 light cycle you will be able to have a 21/3 or maybe 22/2 light cycle without disturbing the night time regeneration mode. That is 1-2 hours more photosynthesis. You do it by setting the far red light to open for 15 minutes after the lights close and for 15 minutes before the lights open again...I have never used them but i would definitely give it a try ! Happy growing ! :facepunch:
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @Silverback_Guerilla, ! I never experience RapidLED Far Red But I used a 250w hps few years back and I had 3 bulbs with 3 spectrum : 1-MH=blue , 1-Hps= blue+red (daylight) and the last bulb was a red spectrum one and the flowering stage were better than with only the daylight bulb ! So not far from you but not so closed ! In my case the buds had a better taste and more trichomes ! And thanks to you I just figured out that it was the Emerson Effect (I google it ) !! I hope it will help you or confirm your taught !!! :grin::+1: