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Gr33nFi3ld started grow question 5 years ago
Any tips for watering during the seedling stage right after germination? I keep either overwatering or underwatering. I'm scared to start in a solo cup as I'm doing mainly Autos and they might stunt the growth when transplanting. Grateful for as many details as possible.
Gorilla Glue 3rd grow
15 weeks
Gorilla Glue 3rd grow Gr33nFi3ld
Gorilla Auto
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Week 2
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OutForReal answered grow question 5 years ago
I don't measure the exact amount of water I am giving to them at that early stage but it is equivalent to 10 ml each time I water so I water less but more often . You can start in a solo cup and then place it into you final pot after a full germination, the only negative part of that method will be to (maybe) loose some time because of that transplant ( from the solo cup to the final pot ) :blush::v::skin-tone-3: