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LordTommy started grow question 1 year ago
In my first week I messed up with the lights and temperature could this have had a detrimental impact on the growth rate as they look very small for their age?
One pound cookieplant
15 weeks
One pound cookieplant LordTommy
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21 comments · 1 year ago
Week 2
Techniques. Defoliation
Experimentgreen answered grow question 1 year ago
Autos are always like a time bomb to me...any set backs will cost you time. But if you still have new growth and other growth that isn't full damaged they'll pull through. They just might be a bit unique.:v:
ValhallasGarden answered grow question 1 year ago
It will have an impact but it wont be life threatning to your plant . Take it as a learning lesson and try avoid the same mistakes for your next grow :) This is how we learn . I also might suggest that you slow down on that nutrients . Thats a very strong mix for a plant that small . I would reduce the strength by half maybe even 1/4 and work your way up as the plant grows . You typically dont wanna start going hard on the nutrients early like this so that you dont burn the roots leading to what we call nutrient burns or toxicity of nitrogen or other compounds . Other then that your well on your way to getting yourself some nice medicine ! I hope this information helps shine a little light on whats going on here . - Happy Growing!
BigBadLion answered grow question 1 year ago
Hey! What you say is correct! That could've stunned her growth but with enough care you should see her growing again! Just remember to check your water and try to rise the air humidity for this stage! 70%~ would be ideal for seedlings and that will probably help with the growth!

Good luck! :+1:
Fast_Buds answered grow question 1 year ago
Hey there!

You will have a bit of stunted growth, but just as Spinner has said, as long as you got everything regulated now, you should start to see them grow. :green_heart:
Caribbean answered grow question 1 year ago
Yes it has slow the 1st days of their life but they will get better if your parameters are all right. Now I have a question too , is that a soil mix or a coco mix ? Because It's looks like coco and the way to manage it is different than soil :blush: