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HighestGrade started grow question 3 years ago
From the end of last week all the plants started showing problems, this one got yellow on lower leaves with brown stains or spots, see the picture. Could it be RH related?
Week 4
Leaves. Other
souljasam answered grow question 3 years ago
1st thing to do whenever you see issues pop up is always double check you are watering with a proper ph level in your water.

If you are doing so then my next suggestion would be to look at how often you are watering them. Overwatering can cause all sorts of issues. I always recommend watering by weight. Lift the pot when fully watered and every day after until the pot feels light. When the pot is very light then it is time to water.

If overwatering isn't the issue then double check your feeding schedule(I've messed up here before). Make sure you are feeding the proper amount of nutes for this stage in the plant's life based on the brand you are using. Depending on the brand of the nutes it might be a good idea to slowly raise the nutes up to the recommended level.

With soil feeding, nutes is a bit different as many soils have enough nutes in them to last the plant about 3-4 weeks without transplanting. If you transplant you can usually add another 3-4 weeks of not needing nutes. I believe this may be your issue. You only have power roots listed as what you are feeding it. That is a very low concentration nutrient that is mostly geared towards good root growth. I think you should either transplant up to the next pot size if you planned on doing so, or start feeding your veg nutes. Specifically, it looks nitrogen and calcium deficient. If you are watering with filtered water you may need to add additional calcium via a calmag supplement or an amendment if your base nutes don't correct the issue.
TheBudWhisperer answered grow question 3 years ago
The C99 is so intriguing dude. Very nice choice:ok_hand:. I generally agree with all the answers above so you can’t really go wrong. That said, I’ll try to be more definitive. 1: it’s not RH related. Most of the entire cycle for my indoors doesn’t get an RH much higher than 48% in the winter and often times significantly lower - no ill effects:+1: And just part of your own unique environment. Not ideal but not a disaster by any stretch. 2: this one is def. calmag deficient and at just about the right time (3/4 weeks) if you’ve got er in a 1.5/2 gal. Pot. The plant has likely consumed all available nutrients that came with the soil and now needs more. Ur ph is fine for soil and I’ll assume your watering practices are normal at every 3-4 days to allow for a little dry time. Solution is dependent upon how ur moving forward. IF you intend on transplanting to a larger container - I would hit it with some cal mag each watering for the next week, monitor and then if looking good - move it to the larger pot, continue with calmag for another week and then start to slowly introduce your primary veg. Nute. Reason is simple - you don’t want to create a toxicity issue while trying to fix a deficiency and new soil will also have a new abundance of nutrients with it. That’s the easy way to get yourself real confused and create more problems. IF you’re not transplanting them I’d start regular feeds of calmag AND your primary veg. Nute immediately. Regardless of which way you go I’d also maintain a semi regular/every other feed of calmag throughout the grow and through about 30 days of flower. The plant and your medium appear to require it. This isn’t a huge problem and just needs a little attention. All the best of luck and reach out any time if this helps at all! PACE!!!:+1::facepunch:
Wicked_Stix answered grow question 3 years ago
Looking through your diaries I mostly see signs of the plants being hungry. Some more for nitrogen, others for cal and mag. If you know the nutrients are there and available then the issue is ph out of balance or overwatering. I personally think you have a combination of all of those issues. I would flush them all with phd water with a little calmag. Let them dry a few days then feed them a good stand alone nutrient at 1/4th dose with some calmag. Bet this clears your issues up.
Stick answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi @Ez1LaMaitre! Nope, she is only asking for nutrients, especially Calcium and/or Manganese. You have been careful with feedings and you were right since she was a young fragile girl but now it’s time to help her grow vigorously. A good meal at low EC within the right pH range (6.2 is your sweet spot) with a dose of a veg fertilizer of your choice and a teaspoon of cal/mag should answer her needs. Affected leaves won’t recover so you can tuck them once they’re half dead, but the spots shouldn’t spread if the plant is fed correctly. Hope this will help, happy growing :facepunch: