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starphish started grow question 3 years ago
Any pro tips on hydrogen peroxide for fungus gnats? (googled plenty) Currently doing 3% hp at 1:3 ratio twice a week
Also, while you are here, if i don't care about smell at all, what is the cheapest ventilation setup I could rig for 4x4x6.5 tent?
Much Love and Light Thanks ALL
Week 4
Techniques. SoG
Experimentgreen answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there fungus gnats are such a pain...even though the adults don't actually do any damage, they still spawn the larvae that reek havoc. If you hung some sticky traps above the plants that'll catch the adults and some at soil level may catch those starting to fly. Neem oil kicks butt at the soil level especially if you spray a couple times about 3 days apart. A light top dressing of diatomaceous earth will get them and add silica to your plants. Those are the organic ones i know.
The hydrogen peroxide spray is good too especially because it's usually already in the cupboard. Do equal parts of Distilled water(not tap or rain water) and peroxide and spray it similarly to the neem, soak the top soil, base of the plant and bottom leaves and repeat several days later. I think it's best to spray it close to lights out, I believe sometimes the light and the spray can cause leaf bleaching. Good luck with the battle. :v:
Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey Starphish I know this question is cpl weeks old but i saw in your post you said the gnats where still around. Just wanted to throw out there that you can make a Cinnamon Spray You can use Cinnamon powder and mix a couple table spoons into 1/2-3/4gal of hot water. when i say hot get it to a boil then after it is at a boil remove from heat and add cinnamon. I pour it into something with a lid so i can shake it easily. then shake/stir let cool and sit for 12-24 hours. once it has sat for a while strain the cinnamon out and your left with a cinnamon tea that you can use as an insecticide or fungicide. It works great and isn't harmful smells great also! You can make it with Cinnamon extract oil as well and just add that to water. hope this can help Happy Growing!!
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
hey Starphish, for fingus gnats, i'm like Larimar i use nemadoes, it works and it's bio specifically I'm using Beauveria Bassiana and Metarrhizium against white fly (and not BT which is for other stuff not gnats) . What i dont like about hydrogen peroxyde is that you've ust effectively killed everything alive in the soil which is why we use that stuff as a flushing agent usually. Nonetheless : what you want to do now is revive your soil any way you can maybe by adding beneficials for example Trichoderma Harianum and Bacillus Subtilis, maybe add a bit of a molasses booster to attract... bacteria and flies lol, or some other method to get that soil health you need to grow that high grade. Hope this help ! :rocket:
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi, i never used peroxide to fight the gnats. What helped me was a combination to break the circle of flies/ eggs in the soil and hungry larvaes in the soil.... I used NEMATODES , they are eating the Larvaes in the soil. Then i use in vegetative stage spraying solutions.. either Neemoil/ or nicotine. And i used yellowstickers, for to catch the flies. So that you are growing outdoors i rcommend Nematodes and a bacteria that is called BT Bacteria thuringiensis israelensis.... you get the BT as tablets, those were solved in water and you fight the larvaes in the soil with the bacteria