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CannabisTrope started grow question 3 years ago
Hello, I just noticed that some of my leaves are starting to have slight discoloration and some holes. See images in week 6. I don't see evidence of bugs or mildew and my fan may have been too close for the leaf with holes. I feed once a week and have switched to a high K feed.
Canuk Auto Cheese
11 weeks
Canuk Auto Cheese CannabisTrope
Cheese Autoflowering
12 comments · 3 years ago
Week 6
Leaves. Color - Mottling
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey there CannabisTrope, I cant really say for sure 100% because you're not showing me your feed or your pH, but I'm seeing the symptoms of the very start of a phosphorous deficiency. You can tell from the "splotchy-style" deficiency you're seeing , this might get worse and turn colorful. Just make sure your "high K feed" also has an appropriate P content for a good NPK ratio during flower. You caught the thing very early so hopefully the plant will recover quickly. Hope this helps ! :rocket: