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Thaithan started grow question 3 years ago
Hey there! Might anyone know quiché deficiency my plants could hace? It is definitely not overfeeding.
Week 8
Leaves. Color - Pale
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi, your Plants have alack of Nitrogen , as you already mentioned, they had abigger need for their stretch before flower. The older issues are already adressed. Thy look droopy too. Solutions: I would chek the roots that those are ok. If roots ok, give less water. And if the Ph is ok too, then give them a moderate dosage of nitrogen until the strech is done. I would go with a mixed product like calmag.. its calcium, magnesium and nitrogen. The Desfran is apure staiva and stretches up to 3 times his size.
korsito answered grow question 3 years ago
hi friend, in the first images it is clear that you have a deficiency of sulfur, because of the yellowish color and its decay, being in advanced weeks of flowering you must place a greater amount of nutrients, I feel that you are placing very little, increase the dose , I do not think it is the ph since biobizz with its products is regulating it, I would advise 2 irrigations per week with nutrients. A greeting