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coldcrushin started grow question 3 years ago
stem turned red real hard and the leaves were a bit light colored as well as showing veins any suggestions?
gelato #33
7 weeks
gelato #33 coldcrushin
Gelato #33
18 comments · 3 years ago
Week 9
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Philindicus answered grow question 3 years ago
Brother you have a classic case of a sulfur deficiency. The dead giveaway is the red streaking up the main stems. The stems are probably getting woody also. You should check your ph it may be too high. Since your in bloom use potassium sulfate this will be beneficial to putting some weight onto your buds. It may take a few days before you start to see the results. Good luck I want to see an update when it's corrected.
Budofpray answered grow question 3 years ago
hi dude ! you do not give any information about your nutrient program...but more than that the Colorimetry of your photos makes it difficult to pronounce...but if you added a lot of Co2 u have to increase your ppm to the limit buddy !

may be that there are other variables but with the few elements I would say a N deficiency close to the last stage…. it will be easier to analyse with a better photo and some info :facepunch:

:pray: namasté