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Tektonik80 started grow question 2 weeks ago
I have a few plants that I thought I burnt. Flushed and watered only for a couple feedings. Now they look like this see pics. Ph is 5.8. It's blackberry kush and peyote zkittlee. I'm feeding half strength ghe
Leaves. Color - Yellow
RunawayGin answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Feed them Magnesium, These aren't burnt they just don't have enough juice (calmag) to photosynthesize :) :muscle:
Tektonik80 answered grow question 6 days ago
Thanks! Ph must've been to low cause I was feeding calmag. I raised it to like 6.4 and they look much better now.
Saxon answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Hi, I'm still new to this.
I had a leaf problem on my seedlings that turned everything yellow fairly fast.
Originally thought I'd caused a pH lockout but in hindsight it was my LED QBs were too close and intense even though it appeared to me visually not that strong.
Seedlings looked done for but have since recovered well and fast.
There's photos on my latest diary of them being yellow to green.
By any chance is there a high ratio of red light wavelengths to other colors in your lights ?