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mrhat2001 started grow question 3 years ago
Guys what’s the opinion on flawless finish for flushing. I have read on many forum sites that it does not do anything does anyone have any experience with such a solution. I have used it for the first week to flush the plants and I will use it for two days of the second week.
Ghost train haze feminzed 1st grow
18 weeks
Ghost train haze feminzed 1st grow mrhat2001
Ghost Train Haze #1
31 comments · 3 years ago
Week 16
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Philindicus answered grow question 3 years ago
I have used the AN line on my grows they have some great products. Using flawless finish on my grows in my opinion it does help with getting excess nutes/salts,metals out of your pots. I'm growing in soil so I try to do a 2 week flush. When I'm doing my first flush I let my pots dry out a bit more than usual. I add flawless finish to my R.O. water then saturate the pots with the solution to the point of slight runoff first thing in the morning. I leave them like this for 4-6 hours. Then flush with "ph correct" R.O. water ( You can use distilled water also or low ppm tap water) until I get the runoff to under 100 ppm or lower. Then I use flawless finish in the last bit of flush water. I repeat this process for the first week only letting them dry out a bit before the next flush. During the last week I use plain ph correct R.O. water until runoff ppm consistently stays around 50-75 ppm. By this time you'll see her draining the nutes from her leaves. There's a lot of opinions on flushing you really need to try using a flushing solution on a few plants and just plain r.o. water on others then compare the final product for desirable smells,tastes and smoothness. I am an occasional smoker and quit smoking cigarettes 30 years ago so I'm a bit more sensitive to coughing caused by harsh weed. I definately feel FF gives you smoother smoking buds. Light up with a few friends and ask their opinion also.