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LesClaypool_777 started grow question 2 weeks ago
White fly problem! So I have a white fly situation. Ive researched and have been applying antifungal soap spray for 3 weekes 1-2 times per week, but cant shake them? Id increase use if I knew it wouldnt hurt them, but directions dont specify. I thought of trying Neet oil? HELP?
16 weeks
PURPLE HULK #2 LesClaypool_777
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Week 17
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Daffie_Toke answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Hey friend , its a pain , around juli my garden also gets taken over by these

nothing worked EXCEPT 1 THING , go to you local gardening store and ask for a SPINOSAD product that is safe for fruits , spray the leaves for 5 days straight , you wont kill them all but you will have time to finish your crop , spinosad is safe bud just to be sure dont get them on your buds
hillman answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Neem and soap toghether is good, but depending how far is your infestation, it wont´t go away in a week. If this has happened before, next grow go profilactic with neem and don´t wait.
Hempkid answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Ever since I started growing basil next to my plants I don't have insect problems.
OimRausch answered grow question 2 weeks ago
Morning Mate,
Unfortunately it's a pain in the ass to get rid of the pests. I've tried so many over the years. Some work reliable, some not. To me it's too much effort looking hours for the right solution...
if possible I use predatory insects to fight the critters. Have a look if there is some against white flies. I buy mine regularily on Amazon.
Good luck and happy trails for the rest of the way :crossed_fingers:
Servus :v: