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FowerTwennyNoob started grow question 3 years ago
Germinated seed and put it in the rockwool hole. I covered the hole with a little rockwool to be safe. Is this ok?
I was not sure how much space should be between the basket cup and the water. I've read leave a few inches, but seen photos of the basket in water a little?
Week 1
Techniques. Defoliation
BigDaddyK answered grow question 3 years ago
Always leave a gap between the bottom of the netpot / rockwool / cube so that the roots do not drown , if they are submerged in the solution you risk getting root rot ,and oxygen deficiency, personally I use root it cubes touching the bottom of my netpot filled with pebbles , try and make the distance to the solution as short as possible to let the roots get there quickly , the faster the roots get into solution the quicker the plant grows . I found that rock wool cubes stayed too wet for me , that’s why I use root it cubes , they are more like sponges , if you put the seed in the rock wool and cover it you run the risk that the plant cannot get out , I personally germinate in the cube then transfer into the pot . Germination needs three things , darkness’s , warmth and moisture . Good luck :+1:
Black_Magic answered grow question 3 years ago
The rock wool looks good moist this should be ok
I don’t close the seed fully , it should look half way out , they need to breath (like head is in rock wool and the but looking out ) , you can also use plastic cup ;) first few days then slowly open it to get More moister in air , think you should not have problems with germination