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Muddyballz started grow question 4 years ago
I have questions about the brown spots on the leaves of Althea as well as the blackish/brown ends on the new growth and when they will be ready for flowering?
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CRiSPrGrow answered grow question 4 years ago
What up B ! yo you got a bunch of stuff happening bro, first off over watering, you can tell from the wrinkles and the puffy space between the veins on the leaf. Second you have (/had?) some sort of PH fluctuation which is causing that burning you're seeing on those leaves. Hard to fix but basically you want to make sure your watering are at around 21°C and 6.0PH . Keep the affected leaves around so you can see if the problem is getting worse or not, i wouldnt remove the leaves until they are like 70% destroyed, what's simple leaf plucking to you is HST to the plant does that make sense ? you dont want to stress her just yet... Thirdly I'm not liking that color on those leaves, why? looks like you're feeding flower nutes and she's lacking Nitrogen , simple as that - try upping it by like 15-20% see if that helps . Finally, i'm not liking how those leaves are curling on the edges, you're tuned in light and temp wise so the only thing i can think of is that the overwatering has led to the start of minor root issues. Not as bad as it sounds but it ill hurt the growth... so try adding enzymes or humic and fluvik acids the next few watering to break down the problem roots and see if she recovers. Hope this helps ! :rocket:
Experimentgreen answered grow question 4 years ago
Hey there so just a couple thoughts, 1st i hate to disagree with you athos but i think its better having a pot to bug than too small, as long as you water properly and give it the wet/ dry cycles. Nutrient wise, i like foxfarm and if you're choosing them id suggest going to get their trio, so the big bloom(micro nutrients) and the tiger bloom when ready. Typically if a nutrient company has a 3 part set up or to whatever if you use their schedule you don't have to worry about nutrients being doubled up or left out. So in my opinion it's less likely to have unknown toxicities because of varying products. I know the grow big has some magnesium but I'm not really sure what their calcium content is, so I think doing the very small dose of Cal mag is probably a good idea. I and then just watch for war recovery from proper watering and a good nutrient base. But please get a micro nutrient in your regimen if you can. Happy growing :v:
Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
Do you see those curled margins on the leaves and how the leaves are puffy looking between the veins, that's a sign o over watering, for either giving too much water or too often, most likely caused because the plant is in a pot too big for its size, so mind how you water and let the soil get dry before watering again. Anyway, back to your questions, the blackish tips on new growth is nutrient burn and the spots are calcium deficiency, in this case cause by lockout due the excess of other nutrients (usually P and / or K). Stop feeding nutrients and the plant will recover; do not feed if there's no sign of deficiencies, the 5 gallon of soil will lasts you several weeks before needing additional nutrients. As for cal-mag, before using it, I would advice you to measure your water EC/PPM and unless it is lower than 0.4 EC / 200 PPM, you will no need it.