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BookiesandBream started grow question 3 years ago
I’ve been using dry nut from Root Organics, I’m curious if I still need to water to run off since I’m in coco. I want to make sure my dry nut don’t get flushed out. Is dry nuts optimal for coco? Do i water the same as others?
Week 3
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GreenHouseLab answered grow question 3 years ago
A slight runoff is always good but not required as if you are using synthetic nutrients but you may get salt build up therefore time to time do water to allow some runoff. You have multiple deficiencies, you need to brew a tea for your plants asap, they are lacking of many things right now. Simply put find a compost tea recipe online, you'll be able to find everything at your local hydro/garden store to brew your compost tea. You need to let it brew for a minimum of 24hrs in dechlorinated water, R/O is best.

In flower:
Dry amendments (organic supplements) do not require to be flushed. What is needed is to stop supplementing the plants 4-5 weeks to harvest to allow everything in the coco/peat moss/soil to be absorbed by the plant so minerals are not contained in the buds. The plants should naturally be drawing nutrients from its own leaves which in turn they will turn yellow and tell you the plant used up all the feed in the medium.

Let me know if you need further assistance.
Hellishjam answered grow question 3 years ago This guy on YouTube uses dry nutes with coco. You don’t need run off at, and yes dry organic is fine with coco just go by the recommended doses. I use Gaia green and it says for mixing soil 4 tbsp per gallon of soil, and for top dressing 1tbsp per gallon! All good happy growing!