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Removed started grow question 2 years ago
From looking at the pics, what do you reckon, another 3 weeks or so till harvest? Or longer?
As I had what I think was a tiny bit of rot at the top (not visible in pics, already picked it off, was a small grey dry bit o bud) do I need to do anything else to stop any further rot?
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6 weeks
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Week 13
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Cannibalgardens answered grow question 2 years ago
Try to pull away some of that tomatoe plant it doesn't help having other plants rubbing up on a flowering pot plant and you still have a ways to go probably 4 weeks those trichomes will give you the answer you want 50% cloudy at least the bud rot sucks and if you got non stop rain a clear sheet of plastic over the top but not touching her and open sides to allow air flow good luck ..