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BigBudWolf started grow question 3 years ago
Can anyone with experience growing Blueberry confirm the best curing time for taste?

I believe a strain like Blueberry benefits from longer cures of a few months or more. I will attempt to give it aslong as possible but it would be nice to hear from experience.
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SommerVirelli answered grow question 3 years ago
I would have to say that any strain benefits from longer cures, but my last blueberry strain went almost 3 months before I really started to notice the smell and taste to mature. I know it’s hard sometimes to go this long without smoking it all :joy:
The_Projexx answered grow question 3 years ago
Basically it don't matter the strain the longer the cure the better the finished product will be . This is were you're going to get all your aroma's and tastes from if you rush it its going to taste and smell like hay which with a kick ass blueberry strain isn't something you want to have going on . Id like let them hang dry till you hear a nice crunchy sound when you touch them usually 5-7 days depending on humidity temps and so on . Then from there I'd place them in jars opening the jar 1x 2x a day checking on the buds to make sure there's no mould and i get a nice airflow into them if they are too wet i might go as far as to take them out of the jar all together lay them out on a flat surface and dry them again till you hear that crisp crunch sound then place them back into the jars. You're going to have to repeat this process a lot until the bud is 100% cured , but rest assured this is the best and most commonly used technique that works wonders !! Never place a wet but in the jar with dryer buds because you will run into problems so you wanna make sure that all the buds when your placing them back into the jars are about all the same moisture. If your unsure and you wanna make it easier for yourself you can get humidity packs from ebay , amazon you're local hydroponics stores , there is a variety of places to get them and a variety of products to choose from in my opinion the best ones are bodeva 62% these will help you maintain a steady humidity in your jars helping prevent mould which would really not be pleasant . I hope this information helps you understand the general technique . -Happy Growing!
OutForReal answered grow question 3 years ago
Hello ! Agreed with @SommerVirelli, most of the time the longer is better for any strains. I prefer fresh weed but generally 1 to 3 month is enough to feel s difference. I hope it will help you :grin::+1: